“The Return of Terror?”


By Alberto Pupo

The Boston Manhunt is over. The suspects have been revealed one dead, the other captured.The two men responsible for the bombings have been brought to Justice. All around the Country Right-wing White Supremacists breathing a sigh of relief as the men responsible were “Evil Muslims” from some place they can’t even name. Once again Right-wing Propagandists like Fox News have been salivating at the fact that two foreigners have attacked us again. Before the suspects were even caught Corporate Media has been steadily trying to bring back the whole “AL Queda evil Muslims meme.” So desperately have they wanted to radicalized the two individuals responsible for the bombing. What is the agenda this time? To keep this War on Terror going? To make more money for the military industrial complex? Or is to justify Drone Warfare and the potential assassination of US Citizens going rogue?

They were legally American. The Boston Marathon Bombing Suspects Tamerlane Tsarnaev 26, and (now deceased) and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Continue reading

Over and Over Again

By Alberto Pupo

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”
-George Santayana

History is not the strongest subject of most Americans. In fact other than mathematics you will not hear more complains than the when it comes to the study of history. More often than not many believe it to be a simple tedious exercise dealing with memorizing of facts about dead people who have gone into oblivion. Yet history is what helps in our personal evolution towards a more civilized society. Any society which rejects the past continues to make this mistake. America for some reason is particularly lacking in historical understanding.

History is said to be cyclical, or have a pattern of some sort. Events that happen in the past play themselves out over and over again simply with different actors each time.  For Continue reading

Killing in the Name Of…


By Alberto Pupo
So the DOJ release a hot new memo.. legitimizing lawful killing! ( Some killing is lawful?) Using the finest of Bushesque arguments the Justice Department has done the impossible they have  created two categories of killing!  The memo uses the term “lawful killing” as a way to justify assassination. Using clever, verbal manipulation the Justice Department sickeningly attempts to validate  Drone Warfare.


The memo even creates a three point test? to legitimize the assassination. It mentions that a high level official can make the determination? Yes not just just the executive branch but any “high level” official can kill at will. Continue reading