Legislating Hate

By Alberto Pupo

So today is Easter, and as they sit in prayer faithful Christians in Indiana and Arkansas are happily pondering upon the new Hate filled legislation that has just been passed but a mere week ago. The states of Indiana and Arkansas has passed legislation that allows private businesses to discriminate and refuse to provide goods and services to LGBT individuals. Naturally rather than being depicted as the hate filled garbage legislation that it is, to the rest of America it is being presented as a victory in the name of “religious freedom” and “ The 1st Amendment”. Yet is this piece of legislation truly about religious indiana-protest_0freedom? Is this really a matter involving in preserving the 1st Amendment Rights for those of Christian faith? Or is this simply illegal, abhorrent actions that do nothing more than infringe on a group of Americans.


Religious Freedom, our Constitution grants Americans to practice their faith (or lack of it), without any state sponsored religion. This is what our Constitution defines as religious freedom. However the right-wing of this Nation has perverted the interpretation and taken it to mean that they have the right to infringe upon the rights of others in the name Continue reading

Religious Freedom? or The Right to Hate?


By Alberto Pupo

Progress, this is what we hope society will eventually embrace. The last week or so has been anything but Progressive for the State of Arizona. In a strange turn Arizona lawmakers actually had the gall to pass a bill that would legalize discrimination by businesses against the LGBT community on the basis of wait for it… religious freedom! entering_arizona_on_i-10_westboundThis bill a modern day revival of the infamous Jim Crow laws was passed by state lawmakers in an attempt to stem the tide of Progress. The backlash was fast and furious and the result as of yesterday a positive one as Uber Conservative and Ayn Rand lookalike Jan Brewer did the improbable she vetoed it! As odd as it may be we must be thankful despite Continue reading