The Head vs. The Heart

By Alberto Pupo

“He is un-electable”, “He can’t win”, ” He is a socialist”. These are the slurs that are often bandied about Bernie Sanders. There is this incredible fear that if Sanders wins the primary that somehow ¬†Donald Trump (or some other bozo) will rail road him in the General Election ushering 4 years of Republican rule (guaranteed). ¬†Because of this fear db795362b1c911e1af7612313813f8e8_6some Democrats a more Progressive bent who ideologically stand with Sanders are fleeing to the arms of Hillary Clinton, “the sure bet”. This is the “Head vs. the Heart”, where people are implored to forget what they desire and go the one who will secure the win. This sort of mindset is what has gotten our Nation into trouble many times, when we try to jump on the bandwagon of a certain winner rather than go with someone who represent the people.

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