A Win for Democracy!

By Alberto Pupo

Activism may actually work. The anger and will of the people after a two year battle has finally yielding a surprising change in policy. It has been recently announce that in New York the minimum wage will officially be raised to 15 dollars an hour by 2019. after a two year struggle of visible , protests, walkouts and simply asserting their voice the people gettyimages-481598326_wide-9eab7ed97adf14ee901e43fba331961ae4aa86c8-s900-c85have New York have one this is especially a victory for fast food workers who have been living with a subpar minimum wage in one of the most expensive states in the Union. Is this the beginning of a national movement perhaps?

 The people often have a very pessimistic outlook on the political world. More often than not the mentality is an “it is what it is” mentality in which the people continue to live ther lives under the whims and fancy of the 1% and their Continue reading

A Greek Tragedy

By Alberto Pupo

Greece, once again your attempt at Democracy becomes a tragedy at the end. After an uproarious and jubilant rebuke by the people against the bankers, the EU basically tells Greek fuck the people Austerity is here to stay. A Party which had promised a “new deal” for the people instead has found itself defeated and having to beg the bankers to give them greece-austerity-apanother bail out. The deal is once again a neo-liberal beauty chockfull of Austerity and much more privatization to come, the saddest part about the Greek Deal is that only a few days before the people had completely repudiated this deal. Yet how dare Democracy stand in the way of Capitalism right?

Austerity has been devastating much of Europe the last few years, but one of the hardest Continue reading

Fooled Again: An American Tale!



By Alberto Pupo

We the people have been fooled. The average American has been snookered, bamboozled, etc. The average American has become complacent with the way American society has turned out. Time and time again we are fooled by Public officials, Corporate Bosses, Lying Clergy and pf course The Corporate Media who spins the daily sound bite. A Nation which was created from Revolution finds itself in stagnation. A Nation which has a proud heritage of independence and finds itself dulled and sheep like in behavior. We the people have fallen and been lulled to sleep. The citizenry is ill informed and pop culture obsessed. The American dream has become the vehicle of a chosen few, who fancy themselves to be the elite of the elite; while the rest of us live in a culture where the modus operandi of the day is it is what is? What has made us so complacent? Where is the spirit and fire of our ancestors? Can we ever regain that fire and collective passion or has it died a violent death at the hands of sheer laziness. Continue reading

Save the Teachers, Save the World!


By Alberto Pupo

There is a war that is being fought before our very eyes at home. In the City of Chicago this week has played host to a battle between Corporations and the Rights of Workers. Teachers in Chicago have been on strike four for days now trying to stand up for not only their rights, but also standing up for the rights of workers everywhere in America. In a city that had not seen a major strike in twenty five years, on an election year no less., The Teacher’s Unions in the Third Largest Public School District have taken a stand in order to fight for an overall better agreement as is their right in setting up an employment contract. This is part of that little magic known as Collective Bargaining available to workers who Continue reading