Democrats to become the New Conservatives?


By Alberto Pupo

Conservatism in America is dying. With 2016 approaching the Republican Tea Party conglomerate better known as the WTF Party, are once again proving that they are out of touch with most of reality. CPAC, the annual gathering of Conservative ideal, values and hypocrisy, was further proof that this movement is going the way of the Whigs. With Sarah I am a Media Whore Palin giving a rousing Keynote speech it felt like a nail in the Paradigm-Shiftcoffin for Conservatism in America. What will happen in 2014 and 2016? Will we see one Party continually dominate the political landscape? Will the Modern Day Conservative Movement throw the White flag? Will Sarah Palin ever go away?


Republicans are wondering why they can’t win an election. Then CPAC just happened and all their questions have Continue reading