End Corporate Media Now!

By Alberto Pupo

War, blood, death, and devastation, America this what we are fed every day. The corporate media as of late has been on a roll talking about the “ISIS threat”. The latest blitz is trying to hammer the point home to the people that the threat is very real and manufacture a new coalition of the willing to engage this new found enemy. This march for war is quite tiresome. The media instead of focusing on how we can improve our Nation, is too busy focusing on the next beheading video or sensationalist bombing escapade. indexThere seems to be a concerted and coordinated effort to keep us from asking about how to improve the issues that plague us



If one were to follow the reporting from corporate media outlets one would think that the United States is in a very precarious situation. Many will believe that there is a vicious group of terrorists ready to storm and attack our shores. In order to boost the media propaganda right-wing politicians like (Lindsey Graham of South Carolina for example). Will get on the air and start to spout out apocalyptic theories. The push to an all out ground war against Continue reading

The Same Old Song and Dance!

By Alberto Pupo

After the perfect storm that was the government shutdown, now comes the Obama Care war. Controversy has been raging regarding the “failed website” for the Exchanges. The Corporate Media and the Right-Wing have been particularly fixated on the overall  bugginess of the experience. The other reports have been speaking of the cancellations of Health Care Plans by Employers (something which has been happening due to shoddy low quality Coverage being offered by the by some of these employers. The truth of the matter is that the obsessive strike on Obamacare is nothing more than a microcosm, of the overall macro problem , which is nothing more than the Right-Wing assault on Progress, and potentially a step towards Universal Health Care.

Universal Health Care, in America the concept itself is a pariah to many. It is considered a Marxist vehicle for absolute control. Universal Health Care is often labeled by the Right Continue reading

The Reality about Immigration in America

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By Alberto Pupo

Illegals! Criminals flooding our borders without the proper documentation. Coming in the middle of the night, stealing our jobs, social welfare, children? They are vilified and reviled, brown skinned aliens who do not speak English. We the people must be vigilant. We must beg our leaders to build large elaborate fences that would keep them out. For those who have somehow made it undetected we need to boot them out, regardless of military service, or having children, or simply laboring to our benefit, they are a pariah that needs to be stopped.

The previous thoughts and notions are the stream of conscious thoughts of your average conservative. Fed Continue reading

Welcome to Reality!


By Alberto Pupo

Reality, is it an objective world full of provable measurable facts or are we all living a string of subjective moments and interpretation. Can the sky be any color we wish? Can we create and dub individuals to be different than what they really are? This election season we have seen a new disease which seems to have stricken America a complete disconnect from reality. Politicians claiming to be slinging facts when in fact it is a gross distortion of the observable world. Why is that we as a society have seemingly lost all grips of the facts? Is it simply media distortion? Have we really lost a grip on reality? Or is it a measure of cynicism and a Machiavellian attempt to control people via the creation of their own reality? Continue reading

The First Debate: “Sound and Fury Signifying Nothing”



By Alberto Pupo

“Sound and Fury Signifying Nothing!” The first presidential debate has come and gone. We the people of America has learned that Mitt Romney is indeed nothing more than a living corporation. An empty vapid facade full of prepackaged ad like and quite frankly bold face lying slogans. The pundits of course have chosen to cream their pants over Romney! Even those in MSNBC who would typically skewer Romney on his lies are praising Mitt for his bullying of a moderator and Clint Eastwood esque performance, of the angry White Man screaming at a chair, only this time the screaming is directed at you America. So with this a synopsis of the first debate and a deconstruction of the new myth that Romney is the winner.

The President seemed bored, the policy and substance the contrast was there. Romney on the other hand seemed like a cracked out junkie Continue reading

A Tale of Two Strikes


By Alberto Pupo

Going on strike when used correctly is a powerful weapon for the worker to fight back against the abuses of management. However the strike is a technique that more often than not invites criticism from many. It is seen almost like a tantrum and those who do not understand the reason for this course of action will often try to trivialize the situation. In the last few months two notable strikes have occurred, In Quebec Canada students had taken the streets against a government which wanted to increase their tuition and even throw in a law to curb protesting and freedom of speech. While in America the much maligned public school teachers of Chicago went on a strike for about a week and causing the first one in twenty five years. Both of these public actions had similarities and key differences. What we have is a story of two different strikes and the results yielded by Continue reading