The Boys are Back in Town!

By Alberto Pupo

Congress is back in session, after a time of idling (which they love). So now they are back and more Conservative than ever with the Senate under Republican control. With snow falling over the Capitol, in a rare appearance the new Congress swears to stand for injustice, the rich, and all that is wrong in America. Now they stand ready to govern, ready to make sure that America languishes for at least the next two years.

 The legislative proposals came fast and furious. Another not so veiled attack at “Obamacare”, another push for the Keystone environmental destruction plan, and finally that old time classic from the New deal era, attack Social Security at all cost. Brand new2015-01-06-NBC-NN-NewCongress1_0 Congress same old shit. Outrageous attempts to destroy the poor and middle class. Further attempts to strengthen the rule of corporations and the ever illustrious 1%. Once again Congress will ignore its constituents and strictly stick to old standbys and finding new ways to make America a hellhole.


With the same old dance one must wonder why these cretins even run for public office. Clearly, public service is nothing but an empty Continue reading

Welcome 2015…

By Alberto Pupo

2015 is here what lies in store in our political world? Very soon Republicans will control both chambers of congress. Very soon reactionary forces will hold our legislative fates in their hands. The year is 2015, but the mentality of those who govern is very much yearning for 1815. Conservatism, what exactly is it that they want to conserve? Is it hatred of all minorities and women? Is it hatred for the poor and middle class? The future 2015is here and what does 2015 have in store for America?


Gridlock, obfuscation, sound and fury signifying nothing. If the previous Congress was a legislative stalemate, the new one will feature a complete legislative stalemate. Prepare for a year of insane bills to be proposed most likely featuring some sort of social cultural oppression, or Corporate economic subsidy. Prepare for a Congress who Continue reading

Freedom of speech: Is it only for Conservatives?

By Alberto Pupo

Freedom of Speech it is a beautiful concept in America, that holds true if you are a conservative that is. It seems that the ability to use the first amendment to speak on controversial subjects at will seems to be a gift bestowed upon those of a right-wing bent. Taking all mediums of communication into consideration radical right-wing ideas are often given a free pass no matter how outrageous or offensive they can be. The right-wing easily hides behind the first amendment same unfortunately cannot be said about those with a left-wing or more progressive world-view. Thee views are often seen as dangerous 1924396_10152706489705873_1036496952167347166_nand many time freedom of speech may not be a defense when taking a different point of view. Is there truly a right-wing bias.


The right-wing in this Nation holds a variety of views and opinions, which to a rational mind are offensive, archaic and dangerous (see picture for an example). Yet these views are commonly passed on to the American people on a daily basis via, Internet, radio, television, and even face to face protests. many times those of a conservative right-wing bent are not subject to police harassment and intimidation. They are able to practically approach anyone they desire and openly an without reservation express their hate. They are not subject to scrutiny of any kind and more often than not people will immediately jump to their defense. This has been seen for example during the Health care Town Hall Meetings in 2010, Tea Party activists were able to get within feet of the President and express their general disdain. There was no such thing as a”protest zone” or buffer. As a stark contrast you then Continue reading

Where did all the Bipartisanship go?

By Alberto Pupo

Where is the bipartisanship? The spirit of reaching across the aisle and working together? Political Commentators and journalists are always wistfully asking these questions waxing poetic about this mythical time. There seems to be a pattern among the mainstream or “political center” that there is no cooperation among the parties and that we bipartisanshipas a people are terribly divided. What is the cause for this division? What is the esoteric key? The answer is actually quite mind numbingly simple, it is all about the power.


Let’s face it Conservatives live for power. It is interesting to see the mood change in the conservative movement the moment that the President was no longer one of them. Suddenly gone is the hurray Nationalism and pride that permeated throughout the Bush administration. Suddenly media outlets and conservative commentators and politicians find themselves on the outside looking in.


Conservatives quite frankly have a Continue reading