The Decision 2014 Edition


By Alberto Pupo

No this is not about Lebron James….

With their most recent  Decision The Supreme Court once again takes another aim at Democracy.
If you thought Citizens United was bad well the sequel is a hell of a lot worst. This time the fuck-you5 Conservative Bastards in the Court take their shot at all of those making below a billion dollars.
You do not mean anything unless you are wealthy! In fact this little gem came to our attention, it is an original draft of the Majority Opinion as penned by Scalia…. enjoy ladies Continue reading

Corporations Are Not People!

By Alberto Pupo

Corporations are not People!

Corporations do not starve, and Corporations do not bleed.Corporations were

created with one goal in mind and that is simply to deceive.Corporations control I_refuse_to_believe_corporations_are_people

the fabric of our lives they control our senses. To break the grip of the Corporate

world all we need is believe.. That humanity can overcome base emotions and social greed.

Greed is part of the problem in our society. The wealthy attain their wealth by hook or by crook and instead of allowing others to achieve what they have achieved they work their entire lives in making sure the Continue reading

Arrest The Tea Party!


By Alberto Pupo

Arrest The Tea Party! Since their emergence on the scene the modus operandi has been clear. Destroy the Government at all costs! This movement is the reason that the Nation’s Government has been shutdown for 11 days and counting! They are the reason why Government has fallen into a ridiculous deadlock and Congress has been absolutely putrid. The Tea Party has been the destruction rational governance. This Movement of Anti Intellectualism bankrolled by Shadowy Billionaires simply smacks of Nazi Germany. The Tea Party is a threat to our Nation, the Tea Party is a threat to Democracy and something needs to be done before the damage that they cause is irreparable…

Since the Tea Party tsunami of 2010 (full of incoherent slogans and lots of Neo Patriotic Continue reading

We Are Not Going to Take it…


By Alberto Pupo

“We are not going to take it anymore”. In the immortal words of Dee Snider, the people are fed up! The people of this Nation for too long have been held thrall to the whims and fancy of Corporations and their political lackeys. Every day sis a struggle we are bombarded with negativity the media speaks of the end of the middle class, the inequality gap , Corporate Control! The messages come loud and clear and beat the average American down, the cacophony is enough to beat down even the strongest. We are getting poorer, our economy is still in shambles and the housing recovery is nothing more than a gift to Private Equity Funds. The regular people meanwhile, are downtrodden, living in an environmentally tattered planet, Continue reading

Direct to the Point: The End of Representative Democracy?

By Alberto Pupo

Debt Ceiling, Fiscal Cliff, Sequester…. Congress has stopped representing our interests a long time ago. They only seem interested in lining their own pockets and accepting Corporate Cash. They have a tendency of being alcoholics, drug users, braggarts, liars and cheaters. We the people pay their salary and they constantly do everything in their power to screw us over. Ladies and Gentleman Congress is useless! Representative Democracy came up in a time were it was not feasible in such a large Nation to have people directly voice their opinions. Technology has changed all this, the Digital Commons is a cheaper and more effective way to get our voice out than to rely and give our votes to people who don’t care to carry out their Constitutional duties. I think Continue reading

Supreme Fascism

By Alberto Pupo

The Supreme Court strikes again. In a single day the Court has once again showed that it is following an embracing a truly fascist agenda. Two separate decisions were made which had terrible ramifications for the people of the United States. One decision deals with the topic of immigration the other once again deals with a case which would attempt to undo a mistake that made two years ago. However the Court’s true agenda beginning to shine through. The Court has proven to be the Bush legacy which continues to haunt our Nation till this day. In a single day the Court has officially ceased in being a legitimate branch of government and has now become a vehicle to promote a Corporatist Agenda.


Immigration the word conjures bouts of fear in the xenophobic America. The mere thought of A”aliens among us” makes the fascist mind spin into a tizzy, throw the word ”illegal” and you have a full on bout of cardiac arrest. The grand State of Arizona in an attempt to Continue reading

Dark Secrets

By Alberto Pupo

Lust for Privacy is insatiable. These individuals do not reveal anything to anyone. They wish to advocate a society where privacy is greatly encouraged. When asked about the machinations from which their funding is derived one is met with a Maxwell Smart approved Cone of Silence. Declining to comment, on interview after interview these individuals believe it should all remain a secret. Whoa re we talking about here The treacherous Illuminati? A Reptilian Conspiracy? No these advocate of privacy are nothing more than those who Run the Super PACS who in turn controller undermine our Democracy.

America is a strange society. Since the so called 9/11 fiasco, the advocacy against privacy has come on strong. The Patriot Act is a law enforcement tool used to snoop and intrude into the private lives of your every man and woman. However only one subset of Continue reading