Works Kills!

By Alberto Pupo

Keep working America, Work until you no longer can, neglect your family, children, friends etc. Because after all the only thing that should matter is work. American work ethic involves sacrifice, working should be the central point of life, who needs leisure? Who needs fun? Work 80 hours a week, go home and continue to work, and then work through Signs of working stressevery holiday in almost obsessive fashion. It is good for you it is healthy, and furthermore anything else is simply un-American.


Since childhood Americans are taught that work is the meaning of life. Any in hour and hours of non stop work is a lazy moocher and more importantly a Communist sympathizer. Americans are taught to love and venerate work. Yet this popular myth, is nothing more than that, just a myth. The irony is that the wealthy who extol the virtues of work, are simply trying to make everyone but themselves work. After all historically it is the aristocracy who invented the very idea of leisure. The wealthy of course know this little Continue reading

Burning out in America

By Alberto Pupo

Work! We in America are all work and no play.. and apparently a country of dull boys and girls. The good Capitalist prides itself in his or her work ethic. A good Capitalist must keep the wheels of Capitalism burning and the bank accounts of Corporate leadership flowing Burntoutwith more and more money. To the American psyche work equals money. However when it comes to productivity we as a Nation are not quite number one. Furthermore we are quickly burning ourselves out. There is no time for family, there is no time for leisure, and the way America is heading there will be no retirement. The Capitalist wheel will eventually grind us all until there is nothing left, and even so the government will not do anything to buck this trend.

When it comes to highly industrialized Nations America is not very good on vacations. Unlike a Nation like Switzerland who boasts 28 Federally mandated vacation days the Continue reading

Raise the Wage! Solve the Puzzle?


By Alberto Pupo

Minimum Wage, it seems to be the buzzword all around the Nation. There is a large and powerful yearning from the people that the Federal Government needs to step in and increase a minimum wage that no longer reflects the current cost of goods and services in our present day. This idea is however a pariah to the Corporate Right. With an increase in minimum wage the only thing they can see is an illusory bleeding of their profit from their wallets and into the hands of the lower and middle class. To the wealthy CEO a slight rise Chicago-Raise-the-Min-Wage-Rallyin workers’ wages is the difference between purchasing one Ferrari or two. However this new class of wealthy is so greedy that even the slightest notion of spreading the wealth becomes odious. However as much as minimum wage is needed, will it prove to be the panacea to all our economic needs? Or will the 1% find more ways to make the lower Continue reading

Serf America?


By Alberto Pupo

The road to Serfdom is before us, Capitalism’s Ultimate aim is to recreate a Feudal Society in America. Capitalism as a philosophy is ultimately undemocratic in nature. Capitalism is an economic society which in a different time was known as Feudalism. Ultimately the Country is changing so that the conditions can be met. First a complete crushing of the Middle Class, followed by most wealthy being concentrated into few hands, who have power and dominance over those who must labor for this powerful 1%.Capitalism despite all its glitzy promises and decadent pleasure h is underneath nothing more than a repackaged version of Feudal Society. We the people must beware as the very nature of America changes for the worst.

The Student loan has doubled. Continue reading

Capitalism is a Failure


By Alberto Pupo

Capitalism, is it really the best economic system? To question Capitalism in America is to be a Communist, an out of touch monster who dares suggest a Collective Society. Capitalism by most Americans is seen as this beautiful Red, White and Blue monolith. The average American has a beautiful idea of Capitalism thanks to the propaganda courtesy of television, (brought to you by Corporate America). Our sense are constantly bombarded with Corporate pleas for we the people to spend and spend freely. In between the message of consumerism we are fed with a constant barrage of philosophically lite fictional tropes masquerading as reality. The news media (or what passes for news), is nothing more than a sounding board of corporate cheer-leading and a way to keep Americans from engaging in important things like critical thinking. This is what America is all about a Country which is content to live ion a Consumerist bubble and content with Continue reading

Chavez is Dead ! Long Live Exxon!


By Alberto Pupo

The below is a piece of correspondence obtained from an insider at Exxon Mobil, who mistakenly received this letter. It is from an anonymous Exxon Mobil Executive addressing the shareholders shortly after Chavez was pronounced dead. Below is what he or she had to say to the shareholders….


Dear Shareholder, Continue reading