Why do they hate us?

By Alberto Pupo

Why do they hate us? This is the question that was asked during the “War of Terror”. This question has now be answered by a rather hefty report. Torture, or the Bushes referred to as “Enhanced Interrogations”, is now a very public and open reality. Yes much of what is in this report has been acknowledged by certain researchers and mainly Progressive Journalists, but now the allegations are coming from within he very Government who at bush-cheney-war-criminalsone point was trying to sweep these same allegations under the rug.


For those nostalgic for Bush, this week we peer into the darkness that was that era. The fat out torture used by a nation which is supposed to be spreading freedom. The allegations of 160 million dollars given as hush money to two psychologists to essentially find a way to torture people. In the end the conclusion reached is quite simple torture does not work. To the American people for the most part will not read the report or delve into the dark details. However in today’s social media meme oriented universe the message and substance of the report will make its rounds. This will have a lasting impact especially on younger children, who as this report makes its way throughout our society are sitting in their classrooms listening to Nationalistic Continue reading

Killing in the Name Of…


By Alberto Pupo
So the DOJ release a hot new memo.. legitimizing lawful killing! ( Some killing is lawful?) Using the finest of Bushesque arguments the Justice Department has done the impossible they have  created two categories of killing!  The memo uses the term “lawful killing” as a way to justify assassination. Using clever, verbal manipulation the Justice Department sickeningly attempts to validate  Drone Warfare.


The memo even creates a three point test? to legitimize the assassination. It mentions that a high level official can make the determination? Yes not just just the executive branch but any “high level” official can kill at will. Continue reading