“Worst Congress Ever!”


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By Alberto Pupo

In the Immortal words of the Comic Book Guy of Simpsons fame! Yes the outgoing 112th edition of Congress has to be the worse ever sworn indeed. This merry bunch of miscreants and nut jobs swept into office under the so called tsunami (remember that ) of 2010. While 2012 was all about cliff 2010 was all about the Tea Party tsunami. However after they won the elections reality set in soon after. Now this merry bunch of miscreants were tasked with crafting legislation and controlling the purse strings of the Nation. Then what followed was two spectacular years of miss after miss a failure for the ages ladies and gentleman the 112th Congress.

With Orange Man Boehner at the helm the 112th Congress was poised to be special. They came into to Continue reading

Cats and the Fiscal Cliff!


By Tom Cat

When the Blog of Progress asked me to report on politics, I for sure thought they were nuts! After all lest they forget I am a cat. Typically my species is highly valued on the net, and apparently we are photogenic. So Now I have to let the world what I think about this whole political crap when I rather be napping. To me its a bunch of noise. All I keep hearing is something about a cliff, and how we are going over this cliff. As a solution some dude named Boner or something thinks that we should shred safety nets, and throw Grandma under a bus. To be honest with you it sounds like a load of crap. Continue reading