The Republican Party’s Female Problem


By Alberto Pupo

The Republican party has a major female problem. This is the plain and simple truth. Watching the second debate it became apparent as Mitt Romney stumbled, blundered and obfuscated throughout a simple question about pay equality. Romney’s failure to directly answer the question is yet another glaring example at a party who is at odds with women. This problem goes beyond a single man and a presidential campaign. The Republican Party still continues to carry that mentality that hearkens back to the He-Man Woman Haters Club.

The town-hall debate was getting fast and furious and in what seemed to be a simple question Romney gets asked about equal pay for women. The year is 2012 and the answer should be a given right? Instead the American people are treated to a response which invokes a flexible scheduled so that a woman can go home and make dinner. This eventually lead up to the social media uproar of the year as Romney spoke about having a “binder full of women”. The statements created much furor on the Internet and have still have an effect on women’s views of Continue reading