A Greek Tragedy

By Alberto Pupo

Greece, once again your attempt at Democracy becomes a tragedy at the end. After an uproarious and jubilant rebuke by the people against the bankers, the EU basically tells Greek fuck the people Austerity is here to stay. A Party which had promised a “new deal” for the people instead has found itself defeated and having to beg the bankers to give them greece-austerity-apanother bail out. The deal is once again a neo-liberal beauty chockfull of Austerity and much more privatization to come, the saddest part about the Greek Deal is that only a few days before the people had completely repudiated this deal. Yet how dare Democracy stand in the way of Capitalism right?

Austerity has been devastating much of Europe the last few years, but one of the hardest Continue reading

Morals in Politics?


By Alberto Pupo

Morality, Fort some reason seems to play a role in the political and social world. The very definition of morality is often mercurial and subjective depending on the eye of the observer. Globally morality for some reason always creeps is way into governing. It is something that takes on different roles and meaning, and has different interpretations. Once again with the return of Anthony Weiner to politics so comes the question of morality and leadership? Once again new scandals and allegations arose about Weiner continuing his “immoral ways” even after the Twitter scandal. Morality also crept its way into the politics across the pond as David Cameron in an outburst of righteous fury wishes to Ban Pornography in England.. Once again the morals of political figures come to the forefront Continue reading