Religious Freedom? or The Right to Hate?


By Alberto Pupo

Progress, this is what we hope society will eventually embrace. The last week or so has been anything but Progressive for the State of Arizona. In a strange turn Arizona lawmakers actually had the gall to pass a bill that would legalize discrimination by businesses against the LGBT community on the basis of wait for it… religious freedom! entering_arizona_on_i-10_westboundThis bill a modern day revival of the infamous Jim Crow laws was passed by state lawmakers in an attempt to stem the tide of Progress. The backlash was fast and furious and the result as of yesterday a positive one as Uber Conservative and Ayn Rand lookalike Jan Brewer did the improbable she vetoed it! As odd as it may be we must be thankful despite Continue reading

Supreme Fascism

By Alberto Pupo

The Supreme Court strikes again. In a single day the Court has once again showed that it is following an embracing a truly fascist agenda. Two separate decisions were made which had terrible ramifications for the people of the United States. One decision deals with the topic of immigration the other once again deals with a case which would attempt to undo a mistake that made two years ago. However the Court’s true agenda beginning to shine through. The Court has proven to be the Bush legacy which continues to haunt our Nation till this day. In a single day the Court has officially ceased in being a legitimate branch of government and has now become a vehicle to promote a Corporatist Agenda.


Immigration the word conjures bouts of fear in the xenophobic America. The mere thought of A”aliens among us” makes the fascist mind spin into a tizzy, throw the word ”illegal” and you have a full on bout of cardiac arrest. The grand State of Arizona in an attempt to Continue reading