The Supreme Court vs. Congress: Who has Damaged America More?

By Alberto Pupo

Who is the most corrupt? Which branch of government has done the most damage? Yes while the Executive Branch from 2001-2008 was a source of devastation the last 8 years have not necessarily featured the same outright fascist imperialism (despite what some may think). Instead the last 8 years has featured a battle royale between the other two scalesbranches of Government Congress and the Supreme Court. Each of these branches in the last 8 years has brought forth their own little bit of disaster and has negatively impacted American society. So let us take a closer look at who has fucked the people the most!


Congress- Yes ladies and gentleman, these are the people elected to craft our laws! Since the United States is a Nation that is so hellbent on the “rule of law”, the role of Congress is vital to keeping our Country moving forward. Poorly crafted legislation can Continue reading

Inequality in America


By Alberto Pupo

Inequality, a concept which unfortunately describes America today. Racial, gender, income etc. Inequalities seem to dominate most of society. In America 1% of the population is living the high life while the rest struggle to remain afloat (the 99%). When it comes to race an ever growing minority population continues to face voter suppression, income disparity, racial profiling and other such lovely goodies. In our America Men are still paid higher than women despite legislative remedies to stop that from happening. America for all intents and purposes is still a very unequal Nation despite wanting to retain the facade of the land of opportunity. Why does inequality still Continue reading

The Revolution Solution?


By Alberto Pupo

Revolutions, they are not pretty. Revolutions can be a frightening thing the outcome is never certain and long periods of instability may follow. The United States of America was born from a Revolution, afterwards we have been a in a long stable period of stability (minus a violent Civil War). For the most part though America has crafted institutions of Government, they have created a Judicial System, and there is accountability to ultimate power. Meanwhile by the same token we watch Egypt from our living rooms, and witness a government which went through a revolution elected a leader only to return to square one (thanks to the military). Egypt is going through that period of transition, the terrible turbulence that Revolutions bring but in the end they may be rewarded for the sacrifice. Watching these Revolutions the mind can often go off on a tangent, take an adventurous detour into hypothetical realms and wonder.. Should we Continue reading

Mitt Unscripted


By Alberto Pupo

So the political world is buzzing as Romney shocks with his “off the cuff” remarks about Americans and dependency on government. Romney’s words during a fund raiser in front of his hedge fund buddies has once again delivered what is a potential final bow to a campaign that has “gone off the rails of a crazy train”. However Romney’s moment of truth is not the first time Romney sticks his foot in his mouth in front of a crowd of boosters. Besides this secret tape there has been a whole host of archives that came into my possession from a mysterious source. A list of different quotes that not even the Corporate Media has gotten their hands on. These are some other example of Mitt Continue reading

We the People have Failed

By Alberto Pupo

We the people have failed. The American people as a whole have failed to improve the standing of our Nation and create a better more just society. The lofty goals and ideals of our Founding Fathers, nothing more than pretty words to stroke our overtly Patriotic Egos. The reassurances that we are #1 an empty promise of vanity. Yet are we the people to blame for everything? Is it our fault that the character of our Nation has gone through such great decline? While many will try to to justify our failure by pointing to monstrous corporations and evil greedy politicians who have hijacked our Nation, we the people, have to realize that fundamentally the reason for the failure lies within us.

They gathered outside in a long line that went around the block. They are predominantly white, educated and God Fearing. With anxious smiles and a happy bante Continue reading