Yes America, This is an Election Year!


By Alberto Pupo

New Year, same old agenda. With the coming of another year it is obviously clear that the Conservative Agenda does not change. Only a few days into 2014 and the song remains the same, attack workers rights, attack women and minorities, attack health care anything and everything that can benefit the people. The agenda is clear, only the 1% and election2014their agenda matters! 201 is an election year, granted it is a Mid-term Election but once again there is an opportunity to fight back via the ballot box. However unlike the debacle of 2010 the American people need to be savvier and fight back. 2014 cannot be an election year based on low voter turnout because it is that type of mindset that allows more conservative insanity to permeate our politics at a local, state and National level.

The Mid-term election. To most Americans this election year means next to nothing. Continue reading

The Revolution Solution?


By Alberto Pupo

Revolutions, they are not pretty. Revolutions can be a frightening thing the outcome is never certain and long periods of instability may follow. The United States of America was born from a Revolution, afterwards we have been a in a long stable period of stability (minus a violent Civil War). For the most part though America has crafted institutions of Government, they have created a Judicial System, and there is accountability to ultimate power. Meanwhile by the same token we watch Egypt from our living rooms, and witness a government which went through a revolution elected a leader only to return to square one (thanks to the military). Egypt is going through that period of transition, the terrible turbulence that Revolutions bring but in the end they may be rewarded for the sacrifice. Watching these Revolutions the mind can often go off on a tangent, take an adventurous detour into hypothetical realms and wonder.. Should we Continue reading

My Lobby and Me!

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By Alberto Pupo

The time has come to free our politics from Lobbyists. Year in and out, unelected individuals, cozy up to our elected representatives. They come bearing gifts and perks, they take advantage of the soft ethics of the Washington crowd to weasel themselves into our policy making. They set up tents and camps right inside the Senate office and write legislation under the veil of darkness or as we commonly call it ALEC. Why do we allow these individuals to undermine Democracy? Continue reading