Disregard for Civil Liberties= Rand Paul Presidency?

By Alberto Pupo

Blowback! Actions being taken that create unintended consequences. The current trend has been to wantonly disregard Civil Liberties on all fronts. The Obama Administration has followed in the steps of the Bush Administration by embracing the world of cloak and dagger, NSA spying, Drones, The Patriot Act. By taking this course and embracing the National Security state the Obama Administration finds itself at odds with anyone who firmly believes in the idea of preserving civil liberties. That being said the Administration which happens to be a Democrat Administration in taking the actions it is taking is actually paving the path for something which would seem incredible but can happen., A Rand Paul Presidency. Continue reading

Things to be Thankful For in 2012


By Alberto Pupo

Yes the time of year is upon us, where most of us reflect upon the past year and thinks deeply upon things that we can be thankful for. Naturally this deals mainly with things that we can be thankful for in the realms of politics in the year 2012. True 2012 was a very slow year in American politics as far as developments because after all it it was an election and in America that means that governing stops for the entire year until the campaign plays itself out. Alas without further delay in no particular order of importance or significance here are some happenings and events we can all be thankful for.

Romney Lost- Yes a man that ran a Continue reading

America Passes the Test


By Alberto Pupo

We as a Nation have passed the test! In the first Post Citizens United race where dirty money was coming from just a few billionaires. With billions of dirty ads running on television, and a candidate with no ideal or principles in Mitt Romney. The hoax that was the so called Republican Candidate was unmasked! Pay no attention the man behind the curtain! This race goes beyond Obama reelected. This race was about how the people of this Nation especially the poor and middle class who have been kicked around lied too on a constant basis have fought back against very powerful interests that were looking to take our country to the ancient times. This election wasn’t about Obama but about the intelligence of the average American voter and we passed the test indeed.

The polls piled on bad news left and right. The Corporate Media was Continue reading