A Deal With the Devil?

By Alberto Pupo

The Deal with the devil? “ Five high end “ Taliban prisoners freed in exchange for one miserable POW!


Oh the humanity! Stop the presses, call for impeachment! Start the hypocritical rantings from an old dinosaur who was a POW himself! The Bergdahl situation is the latest craze. After Benghazi, and the IRS “scandal” turned out to be a bummer. After their inability to milk the VA “scandal” the Conservative movement has found its new scapegoat Idaho Hometown Of Released Army Solider Bowe Bergdahl Celebrates His ReleaseBergdahl. But what does this exchange really mean? Is it an indictment at the recklessness of the Obama Administration? Or is it an indictment an the Bush Administration, and further proof that the “War on Error” was nothing more than an expensive bloodletting at the expense of the American people.


The only POW captured in Continue reading

An Open Letter to the Next Secretary of Defense

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By Alberto Pupo

Dear Sir or Madam?

Our Nation is sick and tired of constant War. Since the year 2001 when the so called War on Terror kicked off, our Nation has been to Afghanistan, Iraq, and back to Afghanistan. The 12th year of conflict is now upon us and still no clear end in sight. Two Presidential Administrations four elections, the war machine keeps on churning. While Congressional leaders keep telling up about fiscal apocalypses and the end of America. We continue to fatten the wallet of contractors. While we struggle to find money for health care and education, billions of our money is gladly sent to the desert to build Top of the line military installations which will continue to show off our dominance and strength over the world.

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Predictions in the Political Landscape for 2013!


By Alberto Pupo

Now that 2012 has come and gone and we have luckily survived all the apocalypses.. except of course for the so call “fiscal cliff” stay tuned. We can now look into 2013 and see what the year in politics may bring. With the use of crystal ball handed from generation to generation the state of politics in 2013 will reveal itself. Here are some predictions at what may 2013 bring when it comes to the realm of politics…


A dramatic return of Occupy Wall St.- Yes the movement has not vanished. Yes it has done a lot of Continue reading

War: the Great Horror Show!

By Alberto Pupo

So once again another Memorial Day is coming. Another empty vapid perfunctory salute to men and women who went off to die for no reason other than to enrich others. This Memorial Day I think what we need to start thinking about as people is ways to stop war rather than expand it. The military Industrial Complex , The Beast that Ike saw go on a rampage before eyes continues to claim the life of so many. The problem with War in America is that it is revered like a God . However sadly enough only a small percentage of individuals get sent to do the dirty work. Only a small percent are sacrificed. They in turn cause a domino effect which kills other innocents abroad. This Memorial Day if one wants to truly respect and honor those who have served and fallen, one must realize that the only way to do justice is by ending wars.

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