Two Years After Occupy…


By Alberto Pupo

Two years ago today the phenomena that was Occupy Wall St. began. A movement that grew out of the basic discontent against the excess of Wall St and the 1%, Two years later the actual Occupation Movement has all but vanished but its message has made its way into the American Consciousness. The Occupy Wall St. was responsible for bringing to the spotlight the monstrosity that is Wall St, and the massive inequality that permeates not just America but pretty much our entire world. The movement itself while physically moved out of its encampments via Continue reading

The 1% Highjacking of the Super Bowl

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By Alberto Pupo

Yes it is Super Bowl Weekend. Yes it is true that while football is a violent game it is still fun and entertaining (yes this writer is a long time fan). However there is a problem with Super Bowl weekend and the types of or shall we say class of individuals who seem to be everywhere. Super Bowl Sunday has been taken away from the poor and middle class by the 1%. Yes the game itself has been hijacked and turned into a day of celebrating mass capitalism. The game has turned into a gathering of over privileged individuals getting hammered and working out business deals with a game going on in the backdrop. This is truly a sad state of affairs that has been hijacked from the average fan Continue reading

Time to Occupy Again?


By Alberto Pupo

Whatever happened to Occupy Wall St.? The movement that took America by storm, that brought to National attention the corruption of our financial system? With angst and energy a true grassroots movement the people of America woke up to knowledge that the financial system has been working against the average American for years. Then after an aggressive stretch of wild protests leading to a dramatic take down (which has now been discovered to have been a coordinate strike). The Movement seems to have faded from the limelight. The words Occupy are rarely heard anymore and while they Continue reading

And Now For a Word On Entitlements


By Alberto Pupo

Entitlements, you hear the words often spoken with a negative connotation People are depicted as entitled, spoiled brats that do nothing more but parasitically leech from those who created their own bootstraps! It is this sense of entitlement that since the Reagan years has been an active assault, a myth of welfare queens propagated through the ages about the lazy (usually women of color) who have no job and depend on Sugar Daddy Government. The Romney/Ryan duo has also exploited this especially brought up by Romney during his infamous 47% fund raiser (which he now pretends never really happened). Entitlements have always been used to describe government pork, but if we are going to talk about entitlements why does it always seemed to be used on the poor? What of the rich who operate above the law on a daily basis and truly live in a sense of entitlement far Continue reading

Protesting Romney: A Battle Against the 1%



By Alberto Pupo

Under a scorching summer sun, a typical blistering Miami Summer’s day. In a part of town where its residents are of relatively low income brackets. Mitt Romney came riding on his chariot to grace the people with his presence The Bain Man himself came ready and we the people were there to greet them to make sure that he gets to hear what we have to say. Mitt Romney needs to be held accountable for all his actions ranging from his lack of paying taxes, getting money from Right Wing Death Squads and of course illicit campaign donations from foreign individuals abroad. Mitt Romney has done the improbable become a candidate that actually tops George W. Bush when it comes to imitating Mussolini. This time we the people would stand and make our voices heard, we the people fought against a man who is the embodiment of the 1%.

The crowds gathered and the tensions boiled outside the Continue reading