Time to End Our Gun Worship?

By Alberto Pupo

Guns, and more guns. America has a gun fetish. An amendment dedicated to the absolute protection and orship of the gun. Guns, are supposed to be for safety, protection, sexual satisfaction? The average American gun owner feels orgasmic just to pull the trigger and let it all go in. Mass shootings seem to be the order of the day. It is a way Americans have been escaping the pressures of a Capitalist society gone insane. The shooting at the Columbia Mall, just the recent in a long string of senseless hot lead ejaculations! Yet after misguided-gun-worshipthe aftermath, the tragedy and blame game the ultimate result is always the same.. Second Amendment uber alles! What ill shake the American psyche? What will have to happen for the gun fetish to become a thing of the past?

Americans have experienced a great variety of shootings the last couple of years. From movie theater killings, to Mall melees and elementary school shootings. Actions which have taken place in the most unexpected or Continue reading

Wayne LaPierre Defends Orlando Fl Shooting?


By Alberto Pupo

Gun insanity strikes again, in Orlando Florida; In a quiet respectable neighborhood (Baldwin Park). A routine traffic stop becomes leads into an encounter straight out of Rod Sterling’s imagination! A Police office gives a simple traffic infraction. A few moments later a man riding an electric scooter and wearing a ski mask runs a stop sign and crashes it in between a row of houses this leads into a scuffle where the assailant fires his gun attempting to kill the officer before being subdued. Here is the kicker… the assailant was none other than 63 year old William Cates, the same individual who had just received the traffic ticket! Yes ladies and gentlemen once again a story where gun ownership by an unassuming unlikely source leads to a strange attempt to get revenge. Now everyone is thinking what does Continue reading

The Sacred Right?

By Alberto Pupo

Guns. What is it about these devices of death and devastation that makes Americans fall in love? The Second Amendment is often hailed as the actual Cornerstone of the Constitution. So many people in this Nation often stress the importance of the Second Amendment over the First. Clever marketing slogans often feel that the 2nd Amendment is there to protect the First,. Why are guns so important to the fabric of DNA? Is it truly just about protection? A need for self defense in a crazy world? Does having a gun really make us safer? Are the Red Coats still coming? Still after a bloody 2012 there seems to be a Change of Seasons in America. People are realizing that maybe the glorification of arms can actually lead to excess tragedy. This is evident especially considering the very emotional crescendo in the State of the Union Address where President Obama placed the very wild notion that maybe just maybe those who have fallen victims to the 2nd Amendment Continue reading