2014 Midterms= American Stupidity

By Alberto Pupo

Republicans take the Senate! In another exercise in electoral futility the mid-term elections once again provide proof of the conflicted American voter once again the overall political ignorance is on display. Conservatives who have been the cause of all gridlock, have shutdown the government and stymied progress at all levels of government are given a mandate to govern? Why does this happen? What is the reason for the cognitive dissonance that exists within the American political psyche.

 The results have been pouring in and Republicans have taken control of the Senate. Now that Republicans have control the first order of business is to gut Obamacare. If the President turns around and Vetos they will then move to Impeachment. The Republicans will then bring up progressive legislation like cutting the safety net, making abortion illegal, and giving every man, woman, and child a gun. Expect to see wild and radical proposals Election-2014as these elections will seem like a ”mandate” to take the Country straight toward Fascism. The American people however overwhelmingly voted for this wonderful scenario. Instead of moving the country a more progressive direction they move it the opposite way.


So what is the reason for the Continue reading