The Sacred Right?

By Alberto Pupo

Guns. What is it about these devices of death and devastation that makes Americans fall in love? The Second Amendment is often hailed as the actual Cornerstone of the Constitution. So many people in this Nation often stress the importance of the Second Amendment over the First. Clever marketing slogans often feel that the 2nd Amendment is there to protect the First,. Why are guns so important to the fabric of DNA? Is it truly just about protection? A need for self defense in a crazy world? Does having a gun really make us safer? Are the Red Coats still coming? Still after a bloody 2012 there seems to be a Change of Seasons in America. People are realizing that maybe the glorification of arms can actually lead to excess tragedy. This is evident especially considering the very emotional crescendo in the State of the Union Address where President Obama placed the very wild notion that maybe just maybe those who have fallen victims to the 2nd Amendment Continue reading

Time to Occupy Again?


By Alberto Pupo

Whatever happened to Occupy Wall St.? The movement that took America by storm, that brought to National attention the corruption of our financial system? With angst and energy a true grassroots movement the people of America woke up to knowledge that the financial system has been working against the average American for years. Then after an aggressive stretch of wild protests leading to a dramatic take down (which has now been discovered to have been a coordinate strike). The Movement seems to have faded from the limelight. The words Occupy are rarely heard anymore and while they Continue reading

X-Philers v. Corporate Greed?

By Leane Pupo

Twenty years ago, the Enigmatic Dr. Scully wandered into the office of one Spooky Mulder. Interestingly, even after these twenty years, ten of which have marked the end of one of the most profoundly creative television series of all time, people still speak of the duo. New fans sprout all over the world as the young X-Philers grew up to breed little uber x-philers of their own. The last time I saw that was with the other infamous red-head and dark-haired couple, Lucy and Ricky. But what is the big deal? And why had this made it to the Blog of Progress? Could it be talk of conspiracies? Well, yes, but not the one you may have heard. This has more to do with questions of corporate greed.

Twentieth Century Fox has been avoiding a new X-Files 3 movie. According to many, the second X-Files movie I Continue reading