Freedom of speech: Is it only for Conservatives?

By Alberto Pupo

Freedom of Speech it is a beautiful concept in America, that holds true if you are a conservative that is. It seems that the ability to use the first amendment to speak on controversial subjects at will seems to be a gift bestowed upon those of a right-wing bent. Taking all mediums of communication into consideration radical right-wing ideas are often given a free pass no matter how outrageous or offensive they can be. The right-wing easily hides behind the first amendment same unfortunately cannot be said about those with a left-wing or more progressive world-view. Thee views are often seen as dangerous 1924396_10152706489705873_1036496952167347166_nand many time freedom of speech may not be a defense when taking a different point of view. Is there truly a right-wing bias.


The right-wing in this Nation holds a variety of views and opinions, which to a rational mind are offensive, archaic and dangerous (see picture for an example). Yet these views are commonly passed on to the American people on a daily basis via, Internet, radio, television, and even face to face protests. many times those of a conservative right-wing bent are not subject to police harassment and intimidation. They are able to practically approach anyone they desire and openly an without reservation express their hate. They are not subject to scrutiny of any kind and more often than not people will immediately jump to their defense. This has been seen for example during the Health care Town Hall Meetings in 2010, Tea Party activists were able to get within feet of the President and express their general disdain. There was no such thing as a”protest zone” or buffer. As a stark contrast you then Continue reading