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Yes everyone you read correctly we will now have video links on the page, to interesting videos that may be available. Rather than wasting hours and hours on end scouring for them I will place the links here to make it easier for your viewing pleasure. I hope you enjoy this new addition to the page. If you have any video subject matter suggestions do not hesitate to contact us at

New Videos: Romney’s Greatest hits from Debate Season!

” Binders full of Women”

Romney and his war on Big Bird

Romney attacking single mothers

“Horses and Bayonets”


New video: Oakland Occupy confrontation 1/28/12. Another example of police madness



This link shows police brutality at the Occupy Protests

Former Congressman Alan Grayson speaks about the Occupy Wall St. Protest.

Bill Maher defends the Occupy Movement on October 21, 2011.

Occupy Wall St. November 17th Video

Lawrence O Donnell, Occupy Wall St. Report

Naomi Klein on Occupy Wall St.




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