I Read The News Today….


Welcome to first edition of I Read the News. Basically what will happen is everyday we will brief discussions on random news topics which seem to be dominating the moment if you will.  These are going to be quick hit snippets and will not be a verbose or detailed as the usual article. So let’s see how the  experiment works

HP is laying off 27,000 workers-     Yes and they have the gall to call it restructuring. Way to go to private sector thanks for all the help. So why can’t we restructure ourselves like absolving, student debt for example? or excessive medical bills? Apparently restructuring only works if you are a legal construct..

Egyptian Elections-   Well Egypt gets to vote as long as George W. Bush is not in the area then we know the possibility of voter fraud will be reduced.

Hustler and Tea Cup- So Hustler depicts a Conservative Commentator from The Glen Beck network?  Going Down and self righteous cries go out in horror (from people who mostly felt Sandra Fluke  was a slut) They now feel that Hustler a porn magazine should apologize.. even if Hustler had strong disclaimers calling it a fantasy and admitted to photoshopping it all the way…. However we heard no such disclaimers from Herr Limbaugh as to Ms. Fluke.. therefore Manzanas y Naranjas.

This concludes our segment for today…..



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