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There  are strange emotions which stir within us all. At times the beast manages to escape into the written word. This is the debut of a Poetry Corner. I will get the party started with a couple of riffs I invite all the readers of the Blog if the spirit urges you to send in a poem and we will gladly publish it. if interested send it to alberto.pupo@hotmail.com  Enjoy……..

The Lonely

One is the Loneliest Number.

Two is an artificial constraint.

From the eternal slumber.

A momentary chaos we shall paint.

The words sound so hollow.

Intentions terribly malicious.

Time to lead or follow?

A cruel design, cunning and vicious!

Sounds of a blighted past.

Still ring on tender ears.

Too brief is the Journey, it does not last.

Validating all Childish fears.

-Alberto Pupo

Ice Queen

Awaken my Iced Queen.

Gaze into these lying eyes.

Gather for me a moon beam.

Sing softly your beautiful lies.

 Tempt me with a glimpse of paradise

Enrapture me in your web.

A trap of my own device.

The beginning of an end.

Freeze me with a glance.

Kill me with your smile.

Frosty, Bitter, Romance.

Time for an absolute denial.

 Awaken Ice Queen.

And come in my dreams.

-Alberto Pupo

New Reality

Awaken! from a long slumber.

To find reality has completely changed.

A world of piracy and plunder.

A decade when magnified seems rather strange.

Violence is the order of the day.

Love a vapid afterthought from another time.

Morbid visions, perform a sensual play.

Without any particular reason or rhyme.

Why do we reach for some semblance of hope?

When there is nothing left to hold on to.

Down the proverbial slippery slope.

A path once straight now torn askew.

The foundations to the house have crumbled.

Blind mice into a desolate filed we all stumble.

-Alberto Pupo

Observant in Silence

Cast away my reality with a single glance.

Leave me dreading that fateful call.

Only dreamers believe in a perfect romance.

Pragmatic Realists simply wait for the Fall.

Lies are the venacular of our moment.

Trying to impress a deeper understanding.

Mire din a pool of excessive lament.

Our Egos still stand tall. Inspiring, Commanding.

It must be impressive to live in a glass house.

Exposed for all the world, laid bare.

Yet in the shadows the proverbial mouse.

Skittish and frightened unwilling to share.

No man is an island but still you can dream.

Without a mouth somehow you manage to still scream.

-Alberto Pupo





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