The Reality about Immigration in America

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By Alberto Pupo

Illegals! Criminals flooding our borders without the proper documentation. Coming in the middle of the night, stealing our jobs, social welfare, children? They are vilified and reviled, brown skinned aliens who do not speak English. We the people must be vigilant. We must beg our leaders to build large elaborate fences that would keep them out. For those who have somehow made it undetected we need to boot them out, regardless of military service, or having children, or simply laboring to our benefit, they are a pariah that needs to be stopped.

The previous thoughts and notions are the stream of conscious thoughts of your average conservative. Fed hatred by the Corporate Media. They are taught to scapegoat immigrants who come here looking for a better life. But who is really responsible for the so called immigration woes? Who is to blame if the Country has “too many illegals” ?

Immigration has been a contentious issue for over a decade now. Especially in states like Florida, Texas and California immigration is a part of daily life. Most times because of Conservative Corporate Media the people in these states are taught to fear incoming immigrants. Many times these immigrants are blamed for taking away jobs from hard working Americans. There seems to be a vast conspiracy launched by these minorities against Native born Americans. The truth of the matter is these individuals only come for one purpose, economic security! These individuals more often than not are actually lured to the United States by Corporations who are offering them economic improvement. Huge Corporations especially in certain industries like Agriculture and Construction love to utilize illegal workers. They can pay them under the table, pay them below minimum wage, no benefits or perks and hell while these jobs are usually very dangerous they don’t cover them with any Workers Compensation insurance. These illegals are a perfect way to make sure that the bottom line stays healthy. If an American worker is hired especially in these sectors the worker may engage in a nasty little activity known as unionization. With a Unionized workforce, the Corporate Masters will have to deal with nasty collective bargaining agreements which will guarantee these workers, better pay, benefits, and retirement, just to name the most obvious benefits. Yet to not deal with those pesky Unions, Corporations will use subcontractors who specifically seek out these immigrants who are simply looking for a job like everyone else and to top it off don’t even speak the language so they do not understand the ramifications of the situation. Then these very same companies turn around and blame the illegals for taking away jobs from Americans.

Naturally the immigrant will always be a scapegoat. Since they do not speak the language they cannot defend themselves. These corporations then lobby to racist, extremist politicians to further carry on their dirty work. These politicians (typically Republicans). Will then talk about the evils of immigration and how there needs to be an electric barbwire fence which surrounds the Nation as a whole. Then these politicians will make their rounds around several Corporate Media outlets and spew the propaganda consistently. However these politicians have another insidious reason for standing up to “immigration”. By cracking down on illegals naturally they will have to have places to hold illegal aliens, so many of them deal with contractors who run Private Prisons. The prisons already hold a good amount of “criminal immigrants” these prisons then in turn hold these immigrants and make more for the a small group of oligarchs that run this particular type of business. Hence the obsession with immigration also has a financial perk for the Corporate world as well, so there are two different ways that Corporations are exploiting immigrants.

Immigration is an important issue in our Nation. However the approach currently being taken is incorrect and hypocritical. If one truly wants to address the issue of immigration, we should ensure to go after businesses that employ them. The one’s who should be punished for violating the law should be the Corporations who are well aware of the situation and are simply manipulating the immigrants into working for them. Immigration reform needs to be about helping those who are immigrants find a path to citizenship, not ruining the lives of individuals who are simply looking for economic security.

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