Top Secret Obsession

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By Alberto Pupo

American leadership loves secrecy! There is no doubt about. Any time there is mention of government transparency (an oxymoron), one can only wonder why they even bother with such a ruse. Government has always been in love with classifications and deeming things top secret. Clandestine actions are carried out every day in the name of “National Security”. As Fox Mulder of X-Files fame would say “the truth is out there” except the American people according to their government have absolutely no right to know. But why all the secrecy? Why the lack of transparency with the people? Democracy is about openness right? Does our leadership feel a public rejection of what is truly a dirty covert agenda?

American leadership both Republican and Democrat are surprisingly bi-partisan when it comes to hoodwinking the American people. Even in the “Age of Obama” who came talking about government transparency, the leaking of “secrets” to the public is still severely punished. Take a look at Bradley Manning and his foray into transparency. Because the young man wanted to let the people know about War Crimes he has been wrongfully imprisoned and abused simply because he wanted to let the public know. Bradley Manning is just an example of how whistle-blowers and people who want some form of transparency are being punished severely. In the case of other government whistle-blowers the current administration has been going to town with the use of the Espionage Act to make sure that no secrets are leaked. Wikileaks the international organization that has been trying to shed some light on all clandestine activity (not just American) has seen it self brutally attacked, its founder under threat of arrest and prosecution and has had its finances frozen and stopped by Big Banks and Credit Card Companies. While motivations and agendas of all these individuals and organizations differ vastly they are all being punished for violating a long standing principle and right of The United States, which is the right to deceive its people via cloak and dagger actions.

Why does American leadership of both parties fight so hard to deceive? Why do they strive day in an day out putting ridiculous classifications on pieces of in formation and redacting words which should be brought to public view? The answer is a simple one. American leadership feels a rejection of the agenda. Covert Action is done because if put to popular vote most Americans would reject the actions carried out, drone strikes, political assassinations, plots and machinations to change governments, financial crime, illicit trades etc the beat goes on. The American people would no longer have any respect for its leadership at the grand revealing of the actions they would take usually under term “National Security”. Take as an example the recent maniacal obsession with Drone Strikes! This year alone there has been a drone strike almost every single day. These drones are a problem as they do not respect National borders and are often in territories of sovereign Nations. If the scope and extent of these operations were made known to the people, the leadership which proposes such an atrocity would find it agenda block via protests and possibly removal from office via the ballot box.

Secrecy has been an American obsession. The right to deceive its people one that leadership values highly. Although they often talk about open and honest government, these words are nothing more than a soothing balm to placate the general population. So that they can feel safe in keeping up with the Kardashians. Secrecy is the ultimate tool of a leadership with a negative agenda. They hide behind the veil of National Security simply because they are afraid that if all the information is put forth in front of the American people that they may be decent and reject the agenda right off the bat.This is the true nature and reason why there is no transparency in government, and unless we the people act there never will be.

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