Predictions in the Political Landscape for 2013!


By Alberto Pupo

Now that 2012 has come and gone and we have luckily survived all the apocalypses.. except of course for the so call “fiscal cliff” stay tuned. We can now look into 2013 and see what the year in politics may bring. With the use of crystal ball handed from generation to generation the state of politics in 2013 will reveal itself. Here are some predictions at what may 2013 bring when it comes to the realm of politics…


A dramatic return of Occupy Wall St.- Yes the movement has not vanished. Yes it has done a lot of good in the communities on a smaller scale. But 2013 will see the return of the Occupations on a grand scale. Part of the reason the massive occupations vanished was not only because of police brutality but also because elections have a way of completely taking over all political discourse in America. Now that we are heading into a on election year the return of Occupy is a strong possibility.

Elizabeth Warren and meaningful Financial Reform- Yes Mrs. Warren is going to be a very effective Senator. Her blunt plain spoken style will be a counterpoint to the more political “compromise brokering” Washington do nothing style. She will most likely introduce meaningful financial reforms and a [possibility that she may just muster enough support to pass some of it.

Unions strike back- Unions have been on the defensive for years now. However with worker inequality a hot topic and workers in private and public sectors finding the I benefits and wages decreasing as compensation for top cats rises continues to rise, that thirst to close the income inequality gap will most certainly rise, hence Unions will not be seen as an enemy but as a friend to the worker.

An early end to Afghanistan- Yes 2014 has been the timetable and the refrain but in what would be one of the most shocking surprises of the year., expect the war to be put to an end in a quiet fashion but it will end. Too many resources and money has been spent on what has become an occupation, there is no more mission in Afghanistan hence watch it end.

A defining moment for marriage equality- Expect to see Gay Marriage become legal in more states in 2013 with the Supreme Court taking up the case ands social conservatism dying in America expect to see shocking decisions from a Conservative Court come June.

 Marijuana will become a state issue- Yes we may see the Federal Government punt the football here. In a shocking move and a way to free up resources states which have passed legalization laws will be left alone by the Justice Department or become exempt from Federal Law via Amendment. After so many years many politicians are realizing slowly that the war on drugs is a sham. However hesitant to make a big splash on the Federal scene expect them to give the states the ultimate say on legalization.

 The Republican Party Doubles Down!- Even though the elections show a party in turmoil. A civil war being wage between the Tea faction and its more moderate faction. What will happen in 2013 will be more of the same. After all this is a party of people reluctant to change hence the current predicament . Yes the Captains will be going down with the ship in this case.

So there you have a few predictions that has been seen via the crystal ball,. Will these things happen? Who really truly knows, the only thing we can do is wait it out patiently. Thankfully there is no need to panic as there are no apocalyptic predictions for 2013 so all is well.


One thought on “Predictions in the Political Landscape for 2013!

  1. Unicorns, huh? Well, I think you will continue to see boobery and treachery from the O Administration. Benghazi Lies, a Nuclear Iran, Mass murder is Syria, Theocracy and Fascism in Egypt, and domestically – poverty and debt. How many employees do the Unions have?

    Of course, it will all be Bush’s fault, Or is Boehner the new whipping guy? Pathetic, irresponsible POTUS.

    Yea, you get those Occupy Wallstreet protesters out there. Obama is going to score big with the next Porkulus Deal.

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