Cats and the Fiscal Cliff!


By Tom Cat

When the Blog of Progress asked me to report on politics, I for sure thought they were nuts! After all lest they forget I am a cat. Typically my species is highly valued on the net, and apparently we are photogenic. So Now I have to let the world what I think about this whole political crap when I rather be napping. To me its a bunch of noise. All I keep hearing is something about a cliff, and how we are going over this cliff. As a solution some dude named Boner or something thinks that we should shred safety nets, and throw Grandma under a bus. To be honest with you it sounds like a load of crap.

Yet why won’t they raise taxes on the fat cats! These business executives who tour around the country in lear jets, while dining on the finest of caviar. However to suggest this is class warfare or something like that. Quite frankly this class thing is getting old and tiresome. The rich are constantly bemoaning the fact that they are overly taxed and what not. In reality they are under taxed as most of their money resides in some sunny island somewhere, usually the same place they like to do their snorkeling. The whole thing is a mess and in all seriousness I rather be at home playing with a ball of yarn, or laying down on some sofa somewhere.


Ladies and gentleman take it from me do not be alarmed by this cliff thing. Do not be swayed by Boner and crew and their need to balance a budget. My take is if they are so concerned with the budget just go ahead and their rich buddies pay down this so called debt.. jeez enough already.




2 thoughts on “Cats and the Fiscal Cliff!

  1. Cats do tend to have their heads on straight (even when curled up). I have never yet asked a cat’s opinion and had it advocate going across an ocean (which is made of water–did you know that?) to have a cat-fight with some other people and steal their oil–which, by the way, smells terrible, and if you once get it on your coat, you won’t get it all out in a week and it’ll make you sick to your stomach. Sometimes humans have just terrible judgment.

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