Mr. Demint’s Farewell Address


By Alberto Pupo

Jim Demint the legend behind the Tea Party Revolution. A man whose reign of terror ushered in bumbling candidates like Florida Senator Marco how old is the Earth Again ? Rubio. (update since he has been slung around as a potential candidate he suddenly recalled somewhat). Demint has been part of an attempt to take the GOP from the inside, but now the man who laid the ideological foundation for Tea Party Madness is going to a more antural habitat to run the Heritage Foundation. With this new post he will continued to try and have failed policies implemented and continue to support candidates that will only usher more mediocre governance. Before he resigned from the Senate, Mr. Demint left behind a farewell address to his people. A message of hope. What we have is DeMint’s address to his breatheren as he heads over to what he believes to be greener pasture



The time for revolution is now. From inside Washington there is not much more than I can do. Under the watchful eyes of Ethics Committees, it is difficult to create shill organizations that will funnel money to individuals like myself who want to change America. We know that we live in dangerous times as President Blackie has been reelected. This is the danger of a multicultural society. When the white man loses the ability to take control, when women’s rights are recognized, when a black man is free to vote and speak his mind! These my friends are outrages and it is why I must leave the Senate and try to exert influence outside the system. America is a Nation Under God! There is too much Godlessness in this country!

What we need my friends is a return to the Lord! What we need is for people to get with it and for schools to start praying again. When this occurs America will be lifted out of the darkness and back into the light. We are under siege as conservatives, every day the force of Atheism and Communism want to bring us down. They want us to accept secular ideas, laws and ethics they want Americans to forget about God.

All I hear and see are young women getting abortion after abortion to stop the majesty of life from happening, as long as I am around using the power invested in me by the Lord and the now The Heritage Foundation, I will make sure that Jesus is once again the lord in our society. The time has come for us sinners to repent, the Tea Party shall return and it will come back really strong this I promise folks. I will do whatever it takes funnel as much money as possible because only through embracing of dirty money can we in essence have a spiritual revival. The time has come now for such a movement to take place, and in a my new position with the Heritage Foundation I will whatever it takes to get the job done. Thank you for all your support



Jim Demint


One thought on “Mr. Demint’s Farewell Address

  1. Dear God I can’t understand
    Why in our great land
    Did you not protect your little lambs
    With the power of your outstretched hands

    Adam went into that elementary school
    He acted as the devil’s tool
    He broke the golden rule
    God why have you forsaken them

    The shooter made a lot of people cry
    With no one knowing the reason why
    The score of children two times ten
    Why did there lives have to end

    Life comes and goes in many ways
    Why Dear God did they have to go on this day
    Why God have you forsaken them
    Dear God we love you so
    I wrote today a Ballard of the tragedy in Connecticut, it’s title is THE BALLARD OF THE Connecticut Tragedy

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