Here We Go Again…. Racist Florida Redux


By Alberto Pupo

Florida does it again! After the slaying last year of Trayvon Martin in a terribly and openly racist incident, a copy cat is on the prowl. Jordan Russell Davis, a young 17 year old black high school student killed because of loud music? This time a 45 year old white male named Michael Dunn instigated a fight and fired 8 to 9 times against an unarmed teenager an argument over “ loud music”. Naturally the shooter as embraced Florida’s beautiful Disaster the Kill at Will legislation known as Stand Your Ground (where apparently being black is enough to get you killed). Once again the state of Florida is thrust into the spotlight on an another blatant racial incident, involving guns and racism.

An argument over loud music is not enough to warrant shooting anyone. However like Trayvon Martin, Jordan suffers from a terrible condition,… he was black and happened to have the misfortune to live in Florida. The incident happened in Jacksonville, the shooter who is from a more lily white part of the state was a visitor in town, looking to celebrate his son’s marriage and apparently see if he could kill a black kid while at it! Michael Dunn who is now claiming to be incident states he shot the young man because he felt threatened. Yes even though it was a group of kids who had no weapons in their car, Michael Dunn felt that the appropriate response was to shoot him multiple times. Naturally being a proud Floridian he also knew he had two advantages he killed a black kid and Florida’s Republicans have given him that gift that keeps on giving known as Stand your Ground.

Stand your Ground has been under scrutiny for a while now. Rick Scott in an attempt to hold an olive branch to minorities in the state. Created a “task force” reminiscent of the Warren Commission who naturally after months of dragging their feet and ignoring statistics, facts and research simply stated that the Republican sponsored legislation is a good idea and very little needs to change. This type of response has warmed the cockles of the dark empty hearts of White Southerners in Florida, who can now go back to embracing vigilante tactics and killing the type of people their ancestor had been lynching in the past. Yes folks here in Florida the KKK can go armed without a problem in fact Republicans encourage this behavior with their actions.

Once again we have encountered another tragedy. A young man who was unfortunately born black and then had the even larger misfortune of running into a White Racist who had a whole load of weapons with him (a so called collector). Once again another tragedy and a young man loses his life. A young man who in the year 2012 (almost 2013) is judged and killed for being the wrong skin color! What the hell is wrong with Florida? (and for that matter a lot of the south). Why even in our supposedly post-racist America where a half Black President has been elected to a second term, does this kind of useless racist killing continue. This is particularly disturbing and apalling, thius Nation seriously needs to look deeply into a mirror and stop the racial injustice and inequality and the wanton murder just because you do not like someone of a particular race, religion or sexual orientation. Isn’t this America a country that is looked as a “model for Democracy?” when such states take such a backwards view it undermines our standing in the world. This is something that must be addressed now.


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