A Great Big White America?


By Alberto Pupo

Is America still a great big white world? Does the white man still have the power when it comes to choosing leadership? These are concepts which were traditionally true but during the 2012 elections have been called into question. This time around it is an ethnic minority (since Hispanics are an ethnicity not a race) who have basically decided the shape of the presidency and many other elections as well. This election cycle has now through sheer data shown that the demographics in America and the balance of power is swinging into the hands of Hispanics and now issues that affect the Hispanic population can no longer simply be tossed on a back burner.

Racism in America had helped Romney capture 61% of the White Vote. The Romney camp felt powerful as the White man would seemingly propel him into the presidency. Yes this strategy of having two white guys in a presidential ticket was a sure fire victory had the year been 1988! George Bush Sr. received the same type of support from white voters that Romney did however in his election George Bush ended up winning the presidency on the white vote. Then why did Romney lose? Well it came down to his unpopularity with a little group of people he felt should have “self deported” from America. Romney who basically decided to take a very right-wing and hardline stance on immigration reform essentially destroyed his ability to win the presidency. Instead he focused on the traditional voting power bloc which is the white male, and while he won most of them over he barely made a dent with Hispanics (except with Conservative Cubans who still fear “ Communist Liberals of yore”). Other than that Romney simply went against the grain on this demographic.

The lost has driven the point home the wild talk around the GOP grapevine is that they need to get to the Hispanic vote. Suddenly they are doing whatever it takes to mend the bridges that Romney torched during the election cycle. Even Pundit extremist like Sean Hannity now believes that their views on immigration need to change. The GOP is now trying to cynically bring Hispanics over to the party if only to remain competitive in future elections. The realization has struck the white man that they alone cannot control the fate of the vote in this Nation, the era of unilateral white male rule is over. Whomever wishes to become elected to public office will now have to take the issues that affect the Hispanic community into consideration. Now the Hispanic voice not only matters and contributes but is now going to be responsible for putting an individual into elected office.

So it seems that in 2012 the great big ivory that was America has changed. What was once the dominating race when it came to deciding power and leadership, while still strong demographically is not able to unilaterally elect leadership. Those who run now for office must take into accounts the issues that are important to the massive and ever growing Hispanic population in this country. This is a trend that will most certainly continue in our Nation for many years to come.




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