America Passes the Test


By Alberto Pupo

We as a Nation have passed the test! In the first Post Citizens United race where dirty money was coming from just a few billionaires. With billions of dirty ads running on television, and a candidate with no ideal or principles in Mitt Romney. The hoax that was the so called Republican Candidate was unmasked! Pay no attention the man behind the curtain! This race goes beyond Obama reelected. This race was about how the people of this Nation especially the poor and middle class who have been kicked around lied too on a constant basis have fought back against very powerful interests that were looking to take our country to the ancient times. This election wasn’t about Obama but about the intelligence of the average American voter and we passed the test indeed.

The polls piled on bad news left and right. The Corporate Media was calling it a tight horse race. The stench in the air was heavy with potential voter fraud. Republican governors were doing all they could to suppress the vote. For a few days things looked bleak, it seemed as if the billions pent by the likes of Adelson and the Koch Brothers would end up forever hijacking elections. Yet despite the odds and the incredible (and wasteful spending) the American people used the power of the ballot box and fought back against the rising tide. Besides defeating Romney, several powerful voices like Elizabeth Warren, and Alan Grayson now make a return to governance to further try and make a true change in this country and fight against the powerful interests that are still trying to fully dominate our country. Even with these powerful interests and the voter suppression that occurred in states like Florida where the early vote was cut we the people still managed to pass the test.

Now that the American people have spoken our elected leaders now have to listen to our demands. We the people are tired of a rich Nation which still has so much inequality. We the people are tired of the class warfare that the rich have initiated against the poor and middle class. We the people want to see a crackdown against the Wall St financial demons which have torn our economy to shreds for their benefit. The fact that the American people fought so hard against the 1% is an example that the American voter is simply tired of being pushed and kicked around, sick and tired of Corporate interests. The time has come now to really move the country in a completely progressive direction.

This election is more than just about the reelection of one man, this a referendum against the powerful, this election was a repudiation of an America that has titled itself in favor of the wealthy for far too long. It was imperative that we the people pass this test and when the time came we the people faced the crisis and passed with flying colors.


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