The First Debate: “Sound and Fury Signifying Nothing”



By Alberto Pupo

“Sound and Fury Signifying Nothing!” The first presidential debate has come and gone. We the people of America has learned that Mitt Romney is indeed nothing more than a living corporation. An empty vapid facade full of prepackaged ad like and quite frankly bold face lying slogans. The pundits of course have chosen to cream their pants over Romney! Even those in MSNBC who would typically skewer Romney on his lies are praising Mitt for his bullying of a moderator and Clint Eastwood esque performance, of the angry White Man screaming at a chair, only this time the screaming is directed at you America. So with this a synopsis of the first debate and a deconstruction of the new myth that Romney is the winner.

The President seemed bored, the policy and substance the contrast was there. Romney on the other hand seemed like a cracked out junkie looking for his next fix. He was predatory and bullying recalling his old high school days of abusing the allegedly gay student. Mitt Romney taled loud with force, aggressive and supercharged. Obama seemed quiet, reserved, like a college professor giving a lecture. Romney with his forceful vocal and android like personality was trying to push forth his personality and nothing else. Mitt Romney in all 90 minutes did not discuss a single point of substance!

Mitt Romney spoke and spoke usually in slogan power-point like quality as if he was giving a bullshit presentation top prospective Bain investor. His topics were incoherent, the ideas floated outward were lies that he was improving on the spot from the seat of his pants. Obama several times asked him “where is the beef?”. Mitt Romney ignored the pleas for substance and continued to pout nonsense. He had no plan for health care, no plan education, no plan for economic growth. Except what we all know slash and burn, and still till this moment we don’t know what he has going on.

The pundits however seemed to be watching a debate taking place in some alien parallel dimension. Apparently Romney was bold, daring and brilliant? Apparently Romney’s campaign had turned on a dime and the clouds opened up and by a Deus Ex Machina Romney is magically saved and absolved from every comment ever made. Something is truly rotten in the state of Denmark indeed.

Truth be told anyone with an elementary education could see this is a candidate of no substance, the return of the No Nothings circa 2012. So yes Obama did not yell back and call for blood or eat his liver, but that is because there was Nothing to really attack. There was nothing substantive. Mitt was simply inviting Obama to take personal shots, to bring up Bain, to bring up his fundraiser video, to reiterate the fact that Romney is a scion of the 1% and a Robber Baron. But truth be told the people already know that about Romney. In essence Romney did not step up to plate nor showed an extraordinary vision for America.

Tonight’s praise of Mitt shows nothing more than a Corporate Media who needs to sell ratings. They desperately understand that Romney is the worse presidential candidate of all time, and who will tune in on election night? They want to make it interesting, they want to make a race seem close when in fact it really is not. Tonight we have the tale of two debates. One shows the Real Mitt Romney an empty soulless Corporate Shill without a plan. The other is the mythical Mitt Romney strong forceful coming in on a white horse to win the election. In other words Sound and Fury Signifying Nothing!”



One thought on “The First Debate: “Sound and Fury Signifying Nothing”

  1. Lets be honest here…Mitt did a great job. In fact I was hoping that all those negative adds would get brought up because that way we the people could hear both men without their handlers answer all the horrible accusations. Look forward to the next debate and hope that every issue, every negative whatever is addressed. Our economy is in serious trouble and I just want to see the job done and would like to know that when I leave this world, I dont leave my children with a huge mess and having to learn to speak mandarin and indian to their new countries owners.

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