Steal this Election 2012 Edition?


By Alberto Pupo

A weak presidential candidate stumbling towards the finish. A rich boy out of touch and stumbling into gaffe after gaffe. If one closes their eyes it is almost the year 2000 all over again. A Romney defeat is all but certain outcome. However there is one final ace that can be pulled. A little bit of Supreme Court induced magic which can help crown Romney the same way it crowned King George in 2000. The Supreme Court after is nothing more than a Corporate shill giving Romney their seal of approval will be a great boon, not to mention with a potential shifting of the guard a Romney victory will ensure that the Randian crowd continues to get more Chicago School Justices on the Great Bench. The states are already beginning to pave the way with tactics to suppress the vote, and magical purges to weed out the alleged fraud. Is there a Deus Ex Machina waiting in the wings for Romney?

The election need not be won by Romney he just needs to have it be close enough so that the battle ground states can work their magic. Since before the beginning of the 2012 campaign a battle in the background has been fought over the implementation of laws that can affect the vote. For example since 2011 seven states have passed laws requiring photo identification for voters. Voter id laws while ostensibly seem to have a “pure hearted intent” are nothing more than road blocks for minorities, low income and disabled individuals. The need of these photo ids is to prevent a voter fraud epidemic which is apparently non existent. By using this red herring of an excuse the states have tried to stop those who may be within Romney’s 47% from casting a ballot against him. Other states have passed variation on the photo id law such as laws which restrict access to early voting for restricts the ability of people to hold voter registration drives. The states have one purpose in mind to control and regulate the amount of bvoters who will be voting against Romney.

The voter id laws are one way that the states have been trying to step to get Romney elected. But another more insidious method are the voter purges. This technique is a lot more clandestine in nature and it basically hand selects and targets voters to remove them from the voter rolls. Many never even know what hits them until after its too late and the damage has already been done. Two states with a high Hispanic population have been working on getting potential Romney opponents removed from the list. Colorado and Florida fought for the right to be able to remove legitimate voters from the list. After trying to purge they have ultimately failed to find much illegal activity. The state of Colorado admitted to finding no non-citizens on the list while Florida claims to have found several (ironically not disclosing any exact information)on any of this. The purges are an attempt to ostensibly stop “illegals” from voting in American election but that is simply the excuse to remove legitimate voters who will naturally vote against Romney. The purge is a very insidious tactic as unlike a voter id law which has been challenged it is something the states are running in a covert fashion, where not many peo9ple are even aware this is going on.

While the Romney campaign seems to be in its last gasp. The conservative states around the country are battling hard to make the election close enough that the Supreme Court can once again crown an unelected President the sad fact of the matter is that the Republican party has not legitimately elected a President since they elected George Bush Sr. There is a sense of desperation among Republicans to once again hold power and if they once again need to resort to what was done in 2000 then they will go ahead and do so. We the people need to be vigilant of this, a close election will increase the possibility of further election tampering and again stealing an election. Only through such a Deus Ex Machina does Romney stand a chance of winning.


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