Mr. Self Destruct



By Alberto Pupo

The Romney Campaign is quickly crumbling. What many thought would be a horse race to the finish has been folding up rather quickly. Poll after poll declaring Romney behind in many states, including by double digits in some key states like Ohio. Where did it go wrong for Romney? While Romney has constantly made questionable statements through the course of the entire campaign including the primaries. It has been recent actions and revelations that have truly removed the curtain and exposed a frail and weak man cowering behind it.

Mitt Romney’s “off the cuff” commentary during a fund raiser in May was the beginning of the end. True he never expected for the random videotaping in violating his privacy. But that is what makes the event all the more disturbing. The now infamous 47% video is Romney in his most natural state. Haughty, arrogant, resentful and most importantly the truth about how he feels about most Americans.

This event started to trigger the fall of Romney. Afterwards we have had several botched moments in inanity such as advocating for people to use the Emergency Room when sick, and most recently something or other about opening windows inside of airplanes. Romney’s slide however took a truly embarrassing turn at a campaign stop where he was reunited with Paul Ryan. A jubilant crowd began to chant Ryan’s name, and Romney in a move of boorish insecurity and clueless tact castigated the crowd and reminded them tersely “Romney/Ryan”. This moment captured by the Corporate Media was a grand visual embarrassment, even his Vice Presidential Candidate looked uncomfortable with the entire situation. Joe Scarborough, the former Republican Congressman and now television pundit was wildly frustrated calling Romney the worse politician ever! (and this was not coming from a Progressive source). Mitt Romney has lost it, Obama has simply had to do nothing but sit back and reinforce the gaffes as Romney’s campaign continues to self destruct.

But what is the deal with Romney? Ostensibly the man was a Governor at one point and of Massachusetts no less (a true unsolved mystery), But the last two weeks have revealed some very deep truths about the nature of Mitt Romney. Bottom line this is a man who is a Megalomaniac Nihilistic Misanthrope! Yes Romney flat out hates people in general, the only;y reason he tolerates the ultra rich is that they are campaign backers but Romney simply cannot relate to another human being because he simply hates them to begin with. Romney is a man who has lived a life full of destruction, Bain Capital was all about taking companies apart and selling them. It was an industry based on destruction and that is what Romney does best destroy things. Notice how with his attitude he has even managed to destroy any semblance of a decent presidential campaign. More of then than not political pundits are asking themselves who is the real Mitt Romney sadly we have already seen more than our share of the real Mitt Romney.

With the elections roughly a month away the campaign will continue forward but it will most likely continue on its path to destruction. Mitt Romney apparently seems like a man who was never serious about the presidency and treats almost like just another piece to his resume. To Romney the presidency would be little more than a new perk he will gain. Luckily though the American people have been able to see through the charade. The American people can see that Romney is not only a failure for a politician but pretty much a failed human being. He his a vile bitter misanthrope whose sole purpose for even launching this campaign is so that he can feed a monstrous and out of control ego. But in the end one can only hide the truth for so long.


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