The Greedy Rich


By Alberto Pupo

Greed, plain and simple. The Rich in America are no longer merely content with having money and even enjoying a little luxury now and then. The rich have become spiteful and greedy. They not only want to live life but be sure only they have access to the American dream. They don’t want to share not even a sliver, not even trickle down economics.. they want the whole damn pie! Mitt Romney, is a representation of the excess of the wealthy in America. A man who claims to want to be President but in reality hates anyone who does not belong to his class. The rich like to claim to be victimized, they want to state that Americans hate them and are engaging in some sort of new fangled liberal class warfare. The ultra wealthy though or as we know the 1% are truly something never seen before in American history. Individuals blinded by an excess lust for material gain at the expense of an entire Nation.

The 1% are an exercise in pure excess. As the country tries to scrape and claw out of a slow growth economy the wealthy are rubbing salt in the wound. Take for example William Koch (yes that Koch). He has decided to recreate a wild west town with a mansion overlooking the town. Yes while people struggle to survive and many are homeless in the streets, one man is creating a private Wild West town for his own amusement taking up land that could potentially have much better use than a play toy for a doddering old fool. This is just one example of how out of touch with reality these individuals truly are. The sort of excess that they engage in is an affront to most people who are employed at the Corporations that individuals like William Koch run and break their backs so that their boss can turn around and have a set in Tea Grit. Is this sort of excess the American way?

When it comes to sharing the wealth this new breed of uber wealthy does not like to share. Let’s take a look at the the Walmart heirs . Six individuals worth 115 billion dollars! A large amount of wealth concentrated in the hands of only six individuals. The irony is that people who work for the house that Sam built make a measly wage and do not even get decent health care. Yet their respective bosses are worth 115 billion dollars. Yet to keep the Walmart monster going the wage slaves are helping to increase the already bloated fortune of the Walmart heirs. So how do the heirs give back to its people, well Walmart supports strong anti union campaigns, provides lousy health benefits and yes there is that amazing paycheck that barely tops minimum wage. However the worker needs to pull themselves up by the bootstrap according to the Randian creed. Again this is another example of excess wealth in the hands of a small concentration of individuals.

So what is the solution? Mass redistribution of wealth? Robbing from the rich and giving to the poor? The wealthy cynically ask these question of the people in America and the answer is simple. Give people a chance to live their own lives. Make it so that people can prosper as well, nobody is going to give anyone a free ride, but people need to make a good wage, people need to have health care, they need to know there is a social safety net there, a solid retirement and education. The true engine of the American economy has always been driven by the Middle class. The Middle class which is so maligned is the linchpin of every economy, it is what creates the demand d that creates the business. This segment of uber rich however do not care about their Nation they feel they do not owe this Nation anything yet, constantly use its land, government subsidies, and legal systems to help them succeed. The sad fact is that this current crop of uber wealthy is so blinded by their wild excess that they have lost their human spirit.


4 thoughts on “The Greedy Rich

  1. Sad to say I think you have described the uber wealthy as they are. Disconnected from the stresses of life that the average person feels, especially those who work at wages that are insufficient to cover the cost of living. If our society is to regain balance the excessive funds that the uber wealthy have should be taxed at higher rates. Some the money they have is really not theirs as they have taken a portion of other people’s earnings by not paying them an adequate wage.

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