Mitt Unscripted


By Alberto Pupo

So the political world is buzzing as Romney shocks with his “off the cuff” remarks about Americans and dependency on government. Romney’s words during a fund raiser in front of his hedge fund buddies has once again delivered what is a potential final bow to a campaign that has “gone off the rails of a crazy train”. However Romney’s moment of truth is not the first time Romney sticks his foot in his mouth in front of a crowd of boosters. Besides this secret tape there has been a whole host of archives that came into my possession from a mysterious source. A list of different quotes that not even the Corporate Media has gotten their hands on. These are some other example of Mitt unleashed at small gathering for billionaire fascists.


Location: Undisclosed Billionaire’s Mansion Date: Sometime in April

Romney said “Sometimes I wish we could just use the homeless as target practice”.


Location- Undisclosed Mountain Hideaway Date: Sometime in May

Romney said: “All these people complaining about jobs need to get up and go get one that is the American Way.”

Location-Fancy Hotel somewhere Date: Last Month

Romney said: “Hispanics are only good for working on my property”

Location: Underground Lair Date: Early July

Romney said: “Why should everyone be able to get an education? If everyone goes out there and gets a college degree who is going to make our fast food? Mow my lawn? Clean my house?”.

Location: Somewhere in the Caymans Date: Late June

Romney said: “Palestinians? Israelis? Who the hell cares about the squabble in the sand box, I just usually side with the side that brings in the most money”.

Location Koch City Date: Late May

Romney said: “If I would have had to sell my own mother to become president I would do so in a heart beat. That is what America is all about, sacrifices!

Location: Undisclosed Mountain Lodge     Date: Late January

Romney said: “Government is good for only one thing lining the pockets of winners! Corporations, CEOS we are what makes America thrive, everyone else is a loser and a parasite”.

Location: Some bank Vault   Date : Three weeks ago

Romney said: “At Bain we had a simple philosophy, its all about the money! Whether it comes from rapists, child molesters or member of death squads in third world nations.”

Location: Wall St.       Date: Early August

Romney Said: “It would be nice if Union thugs could be put out of their misery once and for all, workers rights? Who the hell cares, people don’t matter.




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