Corporations are Overrated!

By Alberto Pupo

Corporations are overrated. There this needs to be stated. While Corporate America often thumps on its chest as being an engine of economic growth and boon to the Nation, Corporations are in fact not really all they are cracked up to being. Corporations do in fact employ numerous amounts of individuals, providing people with employment. However when one takes a closer look at the Corporation under the microscope it is nothing more than a vehicle to enrich a few chosen individuals on the backs of the labor of others. Corporations more often than not are disorganized and bloated lacking in ethical judgment and lacking any concern for the welfare of those who toil to enrich a few.

Corporate America loves a wage slave. The bottom line for the Corporation is to make a profit at all cost. The Corporation is an entity which tries to create a product or service and ensure that after providing that service that a profit will be made. Naturally the effort is an enormous collaborative effort, as the companies rely on various skill sets to be able to accomplish this task, like government it is ostensibly a collective effort. However after the long and arduous mission takes place the rewards in corporations are not portioned evenly. On one side you have CEO’s who make exorbitant amounts of money and are able to collect numerous perks. Then you have the worker drones who show up and do their job for paltry wages and a promise of benefit packages which only end up deducting more money from the already measly pay check. The gap between the CEO and the worker in fact continues to grow, the number varies depending on the analysis but one source labeled it to be roughly 231 times more than the average worker. Yet that truly disturbing thing is despite this pay gap it is the average worker who more often than not has put up with lousy treatment and is often goaded and pushed to working more and more while not even coming close to catching that gap.

Wage disparity is an issue that comes up but one that apparently has no solution because of the lack of Unionizing that is in the private sector. Unions formed inside massive Corporations continue to dwindle in number. For example even in New York City that has a strong tradition of labor unions, the amount of unions inside the private sector continues to decrease. Unions have traditionally served as a bulwark against corporate abuses, but their disappearance in the private sector is troubling because the worker will not have support now when they try to negotiate with Corporate Ceo’s in trying to improve wages, working conditioons, helth benefits etc. The crushing of unions in the private sector is what allows the CEO to be able to keep the worker suppressed and forced them through sheer will and bullying to work for ridiculously low wages, paltry benefits and poor job security.

Corporations are simply over rated. While they may on the surface employ a bulk of individuals they provide paltry wages and salaries to the individuals that they employ. This is a large reason why the economy has stalled in our Nation. With the wages of the worker barely livable considering the price of goods and housing, the middle class has not been able to adequately continue to function as the linchpin of American society. The Corporation’s veneration of the CEO and turning the worker into a wage slaves has only hurt the American economy. We the people need to keep in mind we don’t only want more jobs, but we need jobs that pay fair, we also need to have the ability to unionize and to be able to use collective bargaining to earn more benefits and improve overall working conditions. Corporations are terribly over rated when it comes to the benefit they provide to American society.


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