What If Mitt Romney Wins…..


By Alberto Pupo

If, it is a small word yet a very powerful one in the English language. When proceeded by the word “what” , it takes on an even more powerful meaning. This word implies a hypothetical situation. A scenario which has not happened but would be possible. Mitt Romney’s campaign currently looks like its on life support. The convention resembled a third rate Ku Klux Klan rally, and the high point came with an a geriatric actor completely taking the Romney camp for a ride. Things look way too easy and a Romney defeat seems imminent. However, the elections have not happened, and stranger things have happened. If Romney hangs tough in the election will the GOP’s current Voter suppression tactics have a huge impact? Will the election come down to another showdown in a major swing state? Will it come down to a Supreme Court purchased by Corporations to decide who will be made President?The sad truth is there is precedent for disaster, and we all ask ourselves the question What if Romney wins?

The very notion of a Romney Administration seems laughable. However stranger things have happened that being said we must prepare ourselves in case of extreme emergency. First off the bat a Romney Administration would automatically be a devastating blow to the poor of this Nation. The first thing you will see is a slicing and dicing of the safety net because after all to Mitt Romney the troubles of the poor are not very important. Mitt Romney will naturally implement Paul Ryan’s budget which only gives money to the wealthy, the military and corporations. The poor will find themselves in a struggle to survive with little or no programs that will them in a time of need. Poor people who already struggle for a voice in this Nation will find themselves completely voiceless with not a single individual to help them with their needs.

The Middle Class will not be left out of this future glorious America. Firstly to feasibly have enough money for his venture to Iran, Romney will place most if not all the tax burden on the shoulders of Middle class families. The housing situation will continue to get worse as homeownership will become even more difficult unless well your extremely wealthy. The battle for jobs becomes harder as the public sector will continue to bleed jobs in an effort to cut down to sink all the middle class workers into a competition for private sector jobs which will be low wage and union free. (Union man poppa must be Proud of His boy Mitt!) Education will continue to become unaffordable which means less middle class kids will be able to pay for a decent college education, and with Romney’s free market lust health care prices will continue to rise as the Administration will probably find a way to circumvent any health care reform and bring some free market love.

America has been embroiled in War for quite a bit now, a Romney Administration will only make a greater commitment to war! In an effort to sink more tax payer money into the art of war Mitt Romney will find a way to get Iran into the ring, and get our Nation into another long drawn out theater with no exit strategy or purpose other than to flex military muscle and might. The course of action will naturally continue to bleed our Nation. Iran would only be a start maybe if Mitt gets self confident he can reengage Russia and with his disdain of Putin he can reignite the Cold War! Only this time maybe make it less frigid and little bit hotter.

Corporations… boy will they love a Romney Administration. Naturally the Supreme Court will be packed when the time comes with Justices who will further expand Citizens United. Corporations will enjoy tremendous free speech and an ability to become heavily political. A Romney Administration will feature advisors from all over the Corporate World. Like Romney has insinuated many times before he believes Corporations are people and will do everything in his power to make it happen.

What if are two very powerful words. But in this little hypothetical exercise anyone with the ability to reason can see that a Romney Administration will be a disaster for this Nation. A Romney Administration can potentially have a crippling effect on this Country. So take a moment and think about the potential devastation, think about how our Nation may be tarnished forever. We the people cannot allow our Nation to fall victim to such a fate. We the people cannot allow our once proud Nation to be broken in such a fashion.


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