“The Racism Stupid”

By Alberto Pupo

Yes in Carville-like fashion the simple slogan behind the 2012 election. Talking about race brings great discomfort to Americans, even more than discussing abortion or religion (believe it or not). The Nation as a whole likes to paint itself as tolerant and democracy loving (for the most part), however racial issues are often danced around tiptoed or flat out ignored at times. However in assessing the major issue four the last four years that the Right has with Obama is that he is drumroll.. part black! Otherwise how else can one explain a rather moderate president being painted as the Second Coming of Karl Marx!

Prior to Barack Obama’s election in 2008, to his Inauguration in 20009 something unexpected happened in America. Racism which had evaporated somewhat (unless you were Muslim), was becoming less and less at least on the surface. However the election of Obama brought a cascade of angry white men gnashing at the teeth, claiming that an evil socialist communist traitor had been elected into office. Quickly they came to radicalize his terribly moderate and plain vanilla stances and begin to connect him to Karl Marx. The cries of foul and Communist traitor rose in choir, however most it was nothing more than a cover, a red herring if you will as to what they truly meant by “Communist”. Most of Obama’s critique from the right is has for the last four years have been tinged with both subversive and not so subversive hues of racism. From the get go there were racist undertones that stopped just short of flatly using the N-word (although in circles outside of elected officials the N-Word became part of daily parlance when it came to describing Obama). What has basically happened was a reactionary fever took a hold of the angry white man, suddenly they were on the defensive, ( and the news from the last census was not good for them regarding the explosive growth of minorities). Obama has to the white man become a symbol, they fear that if this trend is not ultimately reversed by electing an incompetent albeit white duo to office, that the spigot has opened.

For example their dismay just be compounded especially at the Democratic National Convention where a man of Mexican descent Mayor of San Antonio Julian Castro has given the Keynote speech ( do recall who gave the Keynote in 2004). The white man is simply afraid that nothing is sacred any more as now the floor is open for minorities to take over the highest office. The conservative white man feels that Obama if reelected might symbolize more than a one shot deal, it may become the trend of the future and this does not allow them to sleep at night.

Many naysayers will most likely point to evidence to the contrary. Many will say but what about the minority darlings of the Right, like Marco Rubio, Condoleeza Rice, Allan West, Herman Cain etc. Well true that these individuals had held office, however the presidency will always remain the forbidden fruit to these individuals. Even the notion of the executive office, look at Rubio for example, such a media darling and with the backing of party royalty and still was snubbed from the Vice Presidential Pick that was filled with yes an angry white man in Paul Ryan! Even with all the pandering and brown nosing and self loathing minorities in a conservative party will never have the full backing and push to head into the presidency. They will be tolerated for towing the line and agreeing with the “we got ours everyone else dies “ mantra of the angry white conservative and they are often patted on the head and given a bone,. But the angry white men do not fear the candidate on their team, because they have control! They can tell them to step off and support their long line of generic conservative white guys. It is those that cannot be controlled like Barack Obama couldn’t, or even this young Mayor Julian Castro who can potentially run for the presidency himself.

Yes racism is alive and well in America unfortunately. The year is 2012 but many still believe we live in pre-Civil War times. The fear of the angry white conservative has been realized and they will do everything in their power to try and stop it from happening again. This is why there is such an obsession with destroying Obama, a man who has been exceedingly to the center (too much a lot of times). The angry white man is scared they feel themselves become a potential minority, they feel power slipping away from their fingers and they will do what they have to to stop the growing non-white tide, even if it means destroying America in the process.


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