What Won’t Be Said At The Republican Convention

By Alberto Pupo

The den of thieves prepares to party. Despite the fact that the first day has been canceled,due to the Democrats and their amazing weather machine! The Republican National Convention has arrived! Greeted by the loving arms of mother nature (whom they have a not so close relationship with). The propaganda machine that is the Convention is ready to get underway. In it we will be hearing from such luminaries like future 2016 Presidential Hopeful, Chris Christie, who will entertain the crowd with swashbuckling stories of financial restraint such as going to his kids game in a tax payer paid helicopter! Yes he is is the perfect model for government financial austerity. Then of course we will have Rand Paul give a speech, as the man continues to live off his father’s coattails and into glory (but wait isn’t he a libertarian?) Ah but who cares as long as he gets to speak who needs conviction!The festival of hate is almost set to go and we are all aware of what we will be hearing, but what is it that we the people  won’t we be hearing at this convention?

The Republican lies machine is currently at a halt. Despite the weather they are ready to stick to the message. The message is simple they want social control and a nation run by Corporations. Many of us in the loop and with just a little bit of an education commonly know this type of mindset as Fascism. However to the average American a marriage between Corporations and Government seems like a marriage made in Heaven. They are fooled into believing that our prosperity is somehow linked to Corporations enriching themselves as they pick our pockets and are subsidized by our government. While we the people will definitely be hearing a lot of this message being said in a variety of different ways there are certain things that won’t be uttered and pretty much ignored at this convention.

The Plight of the Middle Class- Yes even with the economy somewhat recovering, those who are part of the forgotten class continue to struggle. While the private sector adds a few jobs here and there (mainly low wage and free of benefits). The public sector has been losing jobs continuously. Unions continue to be marginalized and collective bargaining eliminated (Wisconsin ring a bell!). Then of course we get to the issue of home ownership which used to be a source of Middle Class American  Pride. The fact is that at one pint in our history the middle class would be able to get affordable housing and jobs. In our society today this is not how it works as jobs are scarce and banks quietly continue to foreclose on properties despite the efforts of the Occupy Movement to prevent such happenings.

The End of Safety Nets- Herr Romney will not launch any new discussions about how programs for the poor are getting cut left and right. Every day that passes another state shreds Medicaid or food stamp assistance. Any type of assistance to the poor is slashed by supposed budget needs and lust for more austerity. Romney’s solution to it all is “to get a job” unfortunately due to the reality of the real world this is nothing more than a vapid statement and another Romney campaign sound bite.

Campaign Reform- Romney who lives and dies via the Super PAC will not bite the hand that feeds! As we are witnessing the first post Citizens United Election, the Super PAC assault is definitely starting. Anyone with any form of television access is swamped with the constant blatant lies these Super PACS peddle. None of the information is factual, and to make matters even worse due to the lovely anonymity granted by the Corporate Supreme Court these groups have no accountability. Furthermore these groups attempt to add “credibility” with false names like “New Majority Agenda” and Prosperity for America! These names are designed to appeal to the “patriotism” of the American people and in many cases it fool people into believing the lies that are being peddled.

The above examples are just three things among myriad of important topics that will be ignored by the Republican Convention. The well being of the United States is none of their concern, all they will do is simply stay on message and continue to parrot the company line. We the people have to realize that Republicans are no longer a legitimate political party. It has become a gathering of thieves and liars who want to continue to gut the government of the people for personal gain. Yes the Country has completely lost one party that for some inane reason continues to harbor some credibility in the eyes of some Americans. We the people need to put an end to the madness, to stop the lies that are being peddle and stand against this madness which is going to try to establish their agenda if successful at the voting booth.



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