The True Purpose for Stopping Abortion

By Alberto Pupo

Don’t look now but abortion is back in the spotlight! With the election contest coming around the bend, the social conservative is once again looking to its usual suspect. This time abortion goes mainstream again thanks to Todd“ I know what legitimate rape is” Akin. In an alleged testimonial of ignorance, Akin goes on to say that legitimate rape does not lead to pregnancy. The words terribly unnerving and controversial have once again opened up Pandora’s box of fun. But what is the true deal with abortion? What is it it about this medical procedure that draws the ire of the Right-Wing? At first blush the response may be that they are simply people who are all about the preservation of life. However that in itself is not a valid response as those who revile abortion are also in favor of the death penalty and typically pro-war which completely goes against preserving life. The deal with abortion is one actually that is based on the battle of the sexes. Abortion to the conservative man is a representation of a society gone astray, it is a sure fire sign that women have found independence in the struggle to for gender equality.

Akin’s views on abortion may be bizarre and completely archaic but they are indicative of the true battle behind abortion. To conservative men abortion represents the crumbling of an old order and the rising of a new order when it comes to gender. Abortion is a procedure which allows a woman freedom to terminate a pregnancy. Abortion is a procedure in which a woman can take control of her body and decide whether she wants to go through the act of brining another life to the planet. Abortion to the conservative male goes beyond the mere taking of a supposed life. Abortion represents a woman using her own independent mind and actually terminating a potential life form. This is a form of power to a woman, the freedom to be able to protect her own health and well being to be able to make an informed decision about whether another life should be brought unto the planet. For a conservative man who is slowly losing that place of power in society (in their own mind) sees abortion as another tool a woman can use to proclaim independence over the traditional patriarchal society. The conservative man feels like they are pinned to the wall, already women can vote, they are making strides in the work place, indulging in their sexual urges without guilt, educating themselves etc. The fact that they do not have control their ancestors did in the household is a jarring experience. This is a brave new world and in their regressive world view a very dangerous situation.

Politicians like Akin are simply speaking out the feelings of the common conservative man. They will go through whatever means necessary to try and curb the independence of a woman. Todd Akin for example has even had someone try to justify his erroneous and scientifically incorrect assessment about abortion. For example Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association, actually took the the same position about forcible rape interfering with conception. This attempt at justification of a completely erroneous premise is further proof that the conservative male would do whatever it takes to deny a woman the right to be able to have an abortion. The conservative male will continue to trumpet and herald these views no matter who completely incorrect they are just as long as they can further justify an attack on abortion. They hope that with enough clamor from the media and powerful moneyed right-wing types that they can somehow turn back the tide of time and take the country lurching backwards.

Banning abortion is not about saving lives. Banning abortion is flat out a way to try and control women. Stopping a woman from being able to choose is a way for the social conservative man to once again flaunt male superiority and find a way to subjugate women. The big deal with abortion is not the physical procedure but what it represents to the social conservative. To the social conservative it represents women finding their freedom, it represents women making that giant step toward gender equality. This is something that gives conservatives nightmares and why they go through such great lengths to stop it.




9 thoughts on “The True Purpose for Stopping Abortion

  1. What about those of us who are TRUE pro-life AND willing to compromise for the greater good? I and many others like me:

    1. Are against the Death penalty.
    2. Are anti-war.
    3. Believe rapists should be harshly punished.
    4. Concede that abortions in cases where the pregnancy is the result of rape or incest OR in cases where the woman’s life is at risk should NEVER be prohibited.

    Are such individuals misogynist hypocrites?

    I’ll go one further. There are many of us that realize this battle has cost too much [it is so divisive that it has ripped apart families, caused protests and confrontations etc etc] it isn’t worth the animosity. What we have proposed is a compromise – abortions during the early stage of pregnancies should not be prohibited or protested either BUT once a fetus has reached a stage of development where they can survive outside the womb if born prematurely, then we place strict laws on whether an abortion can be performed at such a stage.

    Is that not a rational response worthy of consideration?

    PS > before anyone quotes the “late-term abortions happen rarely and only if the woman life is in danger” rhetoric – know that we DO NOT have accurate stats on such as in many regions doctors, clinics and hospitals are not required to record and report the gestational age of pregnancies that are aborted. Part of the above recommendation would be that we DO mandate such stats be kept. My own daughter was born severely premature [1 lbs 4 oz] 14 years ago. She starts high school in a couple weeks and obviously was MORE than JUST a fetus prior to the emergency c-section as she was able to survive and thrive.

  2. With all due respect, the most salient point that women are making with respect to the abortion issue is that “men do not have any right to tell them what they can or cannot do with their bodies…period!” And I am alright with that because I am a man and no one has any right to tell me what I can do or cannot do with my body either…period!

  3. Actually, most pro-lifers are against the death penalty and don’t like war. You are mistaking politicians for pro-lifers.

    As for control over women, I don’t see how legalized elective abortion helped women. What we got was a generation of kids who were forced to abort because of “you show, you go” policies in schools- which were only recently outlawed. What we got was an entire generation of women who’d been expected to almost too literally commit human sacrifice for an education or career.

  4. To say you stand for life and yet condone killing of what you know is a living growing being is for the foolish to believe. To encourage abortion just because you want to is also not good for the human race! How can you say you love people and yet target primarily poor people? You listen to science too much in my opinion instead of your creator.

  5. The author makes a good point for the view of the wing nut men against women, but not for those women I see on the anniversary of RvW.

    I think the lesson to be taken away from Akin’s “legitimate rape” comments is the amount of ignorance that all forced pregnancy supporters are guilty of having. When you not only preach anti-abortion and anti-contraception like the RCC and the other wing nuts, you also find a strong bias against science, against evolution, against knowledge of basic biology. This explains where the wing nuts get the idea that women can shut down a pregnancy during instances of forced rape. I know one man who is married to a woman and has three daughters and is still totally ignorant of basic human reproduction. Does not accept the scientific truth that many times the fertilization of an egg that occurs late in the menstrual cycle will result in an abortion. These are the people who are trying to pass laws against the medical rights of women. The right to control your own body is a basic human right and we should stop accepting the ignorance of these people who say abortion is murder or trying to legislate that a basic reproductive process before delivery is a full human being whose rights trump those of the female host. That is crazy talk.

  6. The nail in this coffin that seems always overlooked is that anti-choice is touted as a biblical stand. Yet, the bible does not utter one word against abortion. In fact, the bible instructs husbands how to force an abortion on their wives if they suspect infidelity (Numbers 5: 12-31). God supports forced abortion in many cases and it’s clear in the bible that the life of a fetus is worth some pocket change at best; considerably less than that of a newborn, which is worth less than that of a child, which is worth less than that of an adult.

    So stop using the bible as an excuse. Abortion is an ugly choice no matter what your stance, but it is one many women are faced with and must make. Until that fetus can reasonably survive outside the womb, the host body has the final say what to do with her body.

  7. I don’t think many politicians believe in pro-life or pro-choice. The big picture is economics. At the current rate of population growth, the US is faced with an inability to sustain it’s economic way of life. Limiting birth control and/or abortion is one way of addressing this grim future. I just think a woman’s body should be off the table.

  8. Unfortunately many do see as just an issue of women’s power to control her own body, which it is, but it is not the main issue. Behind these men is a money hungry contingent that sees value in this country having run away birthrates. Much like India and China the power elite very much understand that more people in this part of the world would mean more money for them with not enough jobs for a population explosion would mean lower wages, higher unemployment, more people for their private prisons, less education for the masses, higher crime rate, etc. A whole segment of unwanted, unloved citizens would line their pockets further plunging our country into the 3rd world. Hitler understood this and promoted this in his quest to rule the world. For wars and profits one only needs thousands and millions of minions who all struggle just to survive and serve the power elite very well. If we look to Japan we see that their educated and non-religious populations are not even propagating enough to keep their status quo and their rates of births are falling. It is important for the power elite to keep education and abortion from the masses least they be thrown out of office.

  9. Regardless of what the bible says, which by the way is a bunch a men interpreting ‘God’s’ words/meaning, ‘God’ gave (wo)man free will and it’s my body. Last I checked & as my husband said today, it’s a free country, I will do what’s best for my health. My doctor said under no circumstance am I to get pregnant or if I do am I to carry to term due to my medications. My body, my decision. PERIOD.

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