Protesting Romney: A Battle Against the 1%



By Alberto Pupo

Under a scorching summer sun, a typical blistering Miami Summer’s day. In a part of town where its residents are of relatively low income brackets. Mitt Romney came riding on his chariot to grace the people with his presence The Bain Man himself came ready and we the people were there to greet them to make sure that he gets to hear what we have to say. Mitt Romney needs to be held accountable for all his actions ranging from his lack of paying taxes, getting money from Right Wing Death Squads and of course illicit campaign donations from foreign individuals abroad. Mitt Romney has done the improbable become a candidate that actually tops George W. Bush when it comes to imitating Mussolini. This time we the people would stand and make our voices heard, we the people fought against a man who is the embodiment of the 1%.

The crowds gathered and the tensions boiled outside the unassuming restaurant that would become a battleground. The Corporate Media lined up,all smiles ready to sycophantically fawn over their new Lord of Mayhem Romney (Ryan would not be making this trip due to his Medicare issues with seniors). We the people started to make our points heard, our throats raw and screaming over the din of misguided conversation and flat out vulgarity, we called Romney out. We also presented to the so called Romney supporters, a very important counter narrative, that counter-narrative was a simple but clear message that they like us are part of 99%. The people across the street from us looked confused , tired and hungry hoping that in going to see Mitt they would be given a tasty treat at the end of the rainbow. Many of them did not even understand what was going on. Based on the different conversations overheard they came off as confused and out of touch, a reflection of the man they are blindly following over the precipice. Our message was coming through the Corporate Media largely ignored us (except a couple of reporters that decided to check us out to have “something to do” before the Bain Man would arrive), then things got strange….

We the people were polite and genial, offering the other 99% erroneously following Romney with a counter narrative. Then came the infringement of our liberties. The police approached us telling us we need to first move to the other side of the street. In a calm and collected manner we promptly and respectfully do so. So once we are on the other side of the street we continue to call on the truth, continue to out Mitt for all of his crimes against the people. Then we are interrupted again by officers who tells us to move even further down the block. This happens three more times before Romney’s arrival. Despite the setbacks we still continue to forge on, we politely tell the police we are just exercising our right as Americans to protest. Then finally they continue to push us back further, as the crowd on the pother side grows we get into some heated exchanges mainly with Medicare recipients who were supporting Romney. However we remain calm on our side they continue to chant at us, using many obscene gestures and signs, yet when I looked them in the eyes and shouted. “ If any of them are billionaires for a moment under this hot blazing Miami sky there was a momentary silence as not one Romney supporter could muster a coherent argument.

Upon Romney’s arrival our group serenaded him with more chanting and a new rendition of America (which might become a National Anthem of the People soon). Our voices grew louder and the police looked ever more nervous so they blatantly parked their motorcycles and left the engines running to drown out our voices in an effort to make sure that we the people could not call out Romney and his dastardly exploits. This went on for several minutes until finally they put it to a stop. But once again the action was taken to intimidate the people to try and stop us from expressing the truth. Is this America still or is the prospect of a Romney presidency paving that road for Fascism once more that Bush started in 2001?

Today we the people of Miami Florida let our voices be heard. We expressed the power of our narrative and the message that we are the 99%, that a Romney Ryan Administration will only take us down a path of austerity and misery for the poor and the middle class. The Romney Ryan ticket is strictly design with intent of growing the power of the 1%. These are very troubling times in America once again we all thought we hit rock bottom with Bush but apparently Romney intends on taking us into a far darker path that we can ever imagine. To continue this path it will certainly lead to end of America. This is why we the people must make stands like the one that happened today we the people musty never forget what is truly meant by the “Price of Freedom”


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