Mr. Wall St. Meet Mr. Austerity!

By Alberto Pupo

Mr. Wall St. meet Mr. Austerity. As if the ticket could not get any darker for America’s middle class, it just did. Wisconsin has certainly seen its share of tragedy this year. From a governor who has destroyed the rights of the working people and survived a recall to a senseless act violence fueled by White Supremacy. However today Wisconsin continues to be connected to tragedy has Romney announces his partner in crime, Paul Ryan. A man who constantly touts austerity for the people while corporations are allowed free reign. Once again we the people must worry as Mr. Wall St. meets Mr. Austerity.

The people of the United States are suffering, mainly the poor and the middle class. While the economy tries to recover there are individuals that want to create plans whichwill only stifle any further growth. In desperately trying to find a way to win Mitt Romney has tried to find the perfect partner in crime that of course corporate America will love. Here comes Paul Ryan to save the day, a man who has been throwing out plans left and right most of them involving ways to cut what is left of the meager safety net in this country. Paul Ryan through his illustrious career has proposed an end to Medicare and Social Security. The Ryan Plan for example would turn Medicare into nothing more than a privatized voucher plan. Meanwhile Paul Ryan has also has a penchant for attacking anything relating to Social Security and is a proponent of privatization of Social Security. Naturally by doing this the retirement of millions of Americans will suddenly become a game for Wall St. as many will have their savings used and manipulated by Wall St.

Paul Ryan however is a hypocrite. While touting reforms for the few government safety nets that actually work, he will allow free reign in the realm of taxes. The real reason that Ryan is attractive to Mitt Romney is in Paul Ryan’s undying love preserving the fortunes of the 1%.Paul Ryan wants the poor to sacrifice themselves to save America from the demons of inflation. However Ryan does not ask for such a sacrifice from the wealthy (much to Romney’s joy).Paul Ryan for example in a nod to Wall St. and to further enrich his running Mate. Proposes an elimination on taxes for Capital Gains and Dividends. To further ensure that wealth can stay in the family and create stronger aristocracies in America Paul Ryan’s budget plan had proposed eliminating the dreaded death tax, this way the 1% can continue to create and enrich themselves generation after generation. Paul Ryan is also there for Corporate America when it comers to tax reform. The United States ostensibly has the highest Corporate tax rate (still lower because of loopholes). Paul Ryan’s plan had one of the most generous gifts of all one which would completely eliminate the Corporate tax! To make up for it he intends on creating with some sort of “business consumption tax” wiuth a whopping rate of 8.5%. Yes Paul Ryan is definitely and without a doubt the friend of the 1%.

 Paul Ryan, Mr. Austerity and now a potential Vice President in a Romney Administration. A man who shows his willingness to help the rich and powerful is a perfect ideological partner for the money obsessed Romney. A Romney presidency will certainly be a painful one for the low and middle class with Paul Ryan at his side, austerity will be what we have for dinner. While the wealthy energized by their massive tax cuts will be able to continue to live a life many can only dream of. The victory of such a ticket will only create a Banana Republic out of a once proud Nation. The inequality gap which is already massive, under a Romney Ryan Administration will be even worse. This would be a country where the 1% will continue to reign and control the people further making us into wage slaves. And in the darkest hour for the people twe will not have the ability to appeal to a government fo since the ones in control will only pander to the whims and fancies of corporations and the ultra Wealthy. A victory by this dynamic duo would be devastating. We must do what we can to stop this, we the people must not allow this scenario to happen, The stakes for the 2012 elections have reached a fever pitch.


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