Mulder and Scully are “doing it”?!?!

But Are Gillian and David Really Shacking Up?

Fiction? or Gillovny?

By: Leane Pupo

Much to my own chagrin, I had to make my own statement. I wrote a previous post that was X-Files related and have avoided any posts since, and truth be told, the LAST thing I would ever want to post is some warped, fanatical, piece of gossip. :::Sigh:::

First, WTF?!?

Second, it seems like one of the hottest topics currently on the net revolves a steamy little piece of fiction; David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson are single and ready to mingle, with each other!

This would seem to be the best news on the planet for every star struck fanatic. Is it true? Is Fox Mulder really probing (as has been so eloquently put) Dana Scully? Well, sure! In the series, that is!

People seem to forget that Mulder and Scully are FICTION. The on-screen chemistry between the two actors, David and Gillian, is very real, but why is every fangirl and x-geek going bananas over the news… It’s not even NEWS! It’s a rumorCeleb Dirty Laundry claims to have an “exclusive source” that says the two are shacking up in L.A. and have been in a secret and serious relationship, as lovers, for some time.

Can the gossip be true?

Well, sure. If the X-Files has taught us anything, it is that stranger things have happened, but it has also taught us to “Trust No One”… Reportedly, some geniuses have called and asked David’s rep… he said it WAS NOT TRUE. And that the two are “just friends”… Well, yeah, the argument can be made to “Deny Everything”, and reps lie, but is it REALLY important? We know “The Truth is Out There”, but how much should we care if two people (that are not the characters they portray) do hook up?

It seems that ever since the break-up of Robsten :::gag:::, people need to find a new “real life” fanfiction… So why not go to the original duo? Seeing as this is the first time in nearly twenty years that they are both single, simultaneously, the time would be right for the greatest (unbased) rumor of all time. Mulder would be titillated by the prospect of something so phenomenally bizarre, and his skeptic little partner, would be freaking out that there are NO FACTS that back up what is being called “Gillovny”.

In my honest opinion, Robert Pattison is a poor sap that fell into the immature and hormonal delusions of their fanbase that he and Kristen Stewart were “meant to be”. She seemed to liked the attention and was sucked (no pun intended) into the whole idea, as well. I mean to immortalize your characters in such a way, must have it’s perks…right?

Anyways, I am glad to say that if Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny ever got it on, that it wasn’t something open… It would have ruined the show. It would have ruined a lot. The public needs to realize that actors are PRETENDING, Mulder+Scully Love 4-Ever… but David and Gillian are two completely different people from the roles they played so well.

Lastly, if the rumors are ever true… Good for them! I hope they can find happiness with each other, or with anyone else. On the up side, they are older now and mature enough to not pull some attention seeking crap. (Although, my conspiratorial mind hoped that maybe this was to gauge a fanbase for the upcoming XF3? Haha.Take note FOX, maybe now is your time to give the greenlight, while everyone is in fanfiction heaven.)

To David & Gillian: Happy Birthday, best of luck in love & life, and hope to see you reprise your roles as Mulder and Scully.


    • @GBL2: OMG, that made me laugh. According to her, she has always really liked men. So hardcore would not be the best term. Bisexual, AC/DC, curious… lol. ;)

    • And there it is. The nutcase with the lesbian comment.

      I’m pretty sure I know the difference between fiction and reality. Its just frikkin WEIRD. Perfectly put – WTF?!

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