The Robber Baron and The Idiot

By Alberto Pupo

“Eight Years was awesome and I was famous and I was powerful”

-George W Bush 2012

The above quote pretty much sums it all up. George W. Bush the worse President we ever had, our very own village idiot looks back in a recent interview. The man who brought you the The Patriot Act, Afghanistan War, Iraq War, the Katrina blunders, the Tax Cuts from hell, Torture and yes everyone’s favorite TARP; the fascist who masqueraded as the plain spoken village idiot is a phenomenon that we were never to see again in American politics. But something strange is happening. As we move towards elections in 2012 we the people are discovering something a little more frightening. It seems that our current Republican Candidate may actually prove to be more of a pariah than George W. Bush. This very statement may shock and confuse many but a Romney Administration may indeed be even more devastating to our Country. It is with this curious premise that we take a look at the story of the Robber Baron and the Idiot.’

The Presidency of George W Bush started with a fraudulent election, leading to a supposed “terror attack”. The man who was elected by the Supreme Court quickly gained favor in the eyes of the American people after 9/11, the two weeks after 9/11 Good ole George had approval ratings in various polls in the high 80′s to even 90% in ABC/Washington Poll conducted within the two weeks after 9/11. Life was indeed “awesome” for W. and the even liberals sided with the President buying the bill of goods, about Anthrax, Sleeper Cells and Color coded Homeland Security Parties (which have mercifully been put to rest). George W. Bush then was somehow reelected even after the infamous “Mission Accomplished” and “Good Job Brownie “ moments and continued to wreck the economy until he became a lame duck and ended with a 30% approval rating and the title as worse president ever! Yet four years after Reign of Terror has ended and with another election quickly approaching many of us are asking ourselves the question can it get any worse? Is it possible for another Presidential candidate that can prove more vapidly Fascist and Right-wing? Well we may have our answer from the most unlikely of candidates.

At first blush Mitt Romney looks harmless. A holdover from the Reagan Revolution, a Wall St. Man all the way. Mitt Romney looks like a man that would simply preside over the Nation quiet and without much fanfare. When the Tea Party nut cases were slinging their way through the primaries. And the wild candidates seemed like caricatures Romney simply plugged on looking quite ordinary. But then came a turning point for Mitt Romney it happened at the Iowa State Fair in the middle of a typical Republican speech while challenging a heckler, the Real Mitt Romney came to play as he violently and viciously proclaimed “Corporations are people my friend” his tone sounded as raw and emotional as he would ever sound in a campaign speech. Mitt Romney’s sole purpose in life is the defense of the Corporation uber alles. Mitt Romney’s plans simply involve upon making Corporations powerful and unaccountable to society. Romney does not bring any idea to the table but instead as an unhealthy obsession with all things money and it goes beyond a mere preoccupation for the current state of the economy. Mitt Romney simply has an unhealthy preoccupation with Corporations. In the world of Romney the CEO is all that matters in this country and he would encourage the behavior of rising CEO pay such as how it rose by 2% in 2011 and that upward trend will certainly triple in a Romney Administration.

Yes it may seem unbelievable that a potential candidate may actually surpass the villainy of the George W. Bush Administration. This observation seems pretty incredible but there is one thing we the people need to remember the only thing more dangerous than a supremely ideological individual, is an individual that has no ideology at all. Mitt Romney is all about the money, it is about what is good for Mitt. He will change his policy and views based on who the flavor of the month happens to be and which donor is lining his pockets the most. This is dangerous as this will create a man who will not having any original idea but instead will be beholden to the whims and fancies of powerful interests.Yes Romney Administration may indeed be the death knell for America.

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One thought on “The Robber Baron and The Idiot

  1. I agree with your premise and arguments. If Willard becomes President, the non-rich are completely screwed.

    But Dubya is the worst president ever, not the “worse” president. This kind of grammatical error makes the writer look ignorant. Please spell-check or get an editor.

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