The Job Creation Myth

By Alberto Pupo

Two years ago all we the people heard about was job creation. Prior to the 2010 Mid-Term elections the country was flooded by deluge of ads touting the virtues of job creation. Republican candidates made everything about the economy stupid (James Carville was wincing somewhere). The message seem clear and concise the so called socialists in power did not care about putting people to work and were instead to busy with health care. Americans bought this message (mainly due to a very low voter turnout) and thus the Tea Party tsunami was complete! After much self congratulatory banter and gloating they got to work.. or did they? Fast forward two years later months away from yet another election. The record speaks for itself what happened to the job creators? Where is the marvelous promise of an economic boom that the PAC created ads promised us incessantly. In fact the only attempt at a bill to create Jobs came from the Administration and that law has been stalled for two years. Instead we have gotten more attempt at social control and an unhealthy obsession with debt and the lust for austerity.


The so called job creators have failed. Not a single piece of economic legislation for the people has come through. This is evident as the economy stalls for a third straight month. With all the effects of the stimulus having now evaporated it had been up to Congress to bring forth an economic package. Instead the people were treated to the usual griping about lowering Corporate taxes and a grand waste of time attempting to repeal Health Care legislation. Suddenly those individuals who had been given the charge to get the country forward are completely out of any idea of how to do so. The last attempt to create a job bill was stalled by the useless Congress. The bill was seen as another form of stimulus and the very notion of having the economy stimulated once more was enough to have them lay back and do nothing. Even worse than doing nothing the “job creators” have been actually killing jobs. Because of the obsession with austerity and debt government jobs on local, state and federal levels have been experiencing cuts all around the Nation. Based on a false premise that America is bankrupt these job creators believe that government jobs are not real jobs. Because of this unemployment for the public sector has increased and creating an even further burden on the private sector the so called engines of job creation which has been failing miserably.


Is the United States really broke? Are the”job creators” simply lacking in capital to create more good paying jobs? Well there many variables that highlight this as yet another Conservative hogwash. Let’s look at a recent development in Duke Energy. A CEO woks one day of work , resigns and now has a 44 million dollar payout! Break that package into pieces for that amount of money how many jobs could have been created? How many Americans could have gone to work at that price. Oddly enough those who have touted job creation in Congress fall silent on the excess of the private sector. They claim the private sector does not have enough money to create jobs however this latest episode shows that is a flat out lie. Besides this isolated incident the Boardrooms in Corporate America showed massive increases in pay, yet a lot of these companies shed jobs sending more Americans to the unemployment line? Clearly there is an of dissonance happening here. The Conservative leaders claim that there is not enough Capital to hire more workers therefore there is no way to spur job creation naturally yet the private sector is flushed in cash for CEO’s.

So we ask the Conservative Congress where are the jobs that were promised? How about the streets paved in gold and a job for every American? What happened to all the beautiful lies depicted by the PACS that unemployment would be drastically reduced? Once again nothing more than a sackful of lies, petty rhetoric to obtain power. The simple solution to this problem is to vote them out. They have failed the Nation and any chance of an economic recovery. Come election time its time to send them to the unemployment line.


One thought on “The Job Creation Myth

  1. It is far worse…The entire agenda is crazy. The War On Drugs Is A Boondoggle…Supply Side Worked As Planned ,Just Not As Reagan Sold Folks On It . Once History Exposes All The damage The Reagan revolution has Done His Star Will Burn Out.When folks Realize That Every Idea They Come Up With FAILS AMERICA.Folks , The G.O.P. Is Beyond Reforms Being Able To Fix It….Your Once Proud Party Has Been Hi Jacked , Shanghaied If You Will , By A Pack Of Rabid , Mad Dog , Rattlers…Get Out While You Still Can , Recall Bush /Palin To See How Crazy They’ve Gotten !~

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