Federales , Purges and Dissent: A Koch Industries Southern Tale

By Alberto Pupo

After their purchase in Wisconsin the Koch Machine now sets its sights on creating an environment for stealing an election in Florida (how is that for dejavu). Led by Koch Industries South CEO Rick Scott, the state of Florida has been on an attack on the right to vote. The campaign which has been ongoing for a while has been reaching a point of frenzied within the last week. Rick Scott has tried to create legislation to restrict voters and then recently has started a purge on the voters in the state. Once again it looks like there is a sense of dejavu permeating from the Southern branch of Koch Industries.

Another election, another attempt at voter fraud. CEO Rick Scott recently launched a purge to clean up the voter lists and make sure all registered voters are indeed legitimate. Unlike the assault in 2000, those purges from the voter rolls are minorities who may have a criminal history therefore implications of disenfranchisement. This time around Scott is using another frightening scapegoat to justify his purge of legitimate opposition voters. Beware of the Immigrant problem! This sudden urge to purge was started because of the hypotehsis that anyone with the surnmane Rodriguez or Garcia is an illegitimate alien who is trying to pervert the laws of our Nation and try to vote without even being a citizen. Rick Scott claims his purge will make for better elections that would be saner and valid.

The DOJ smelling the something terribly familiar coming from the Koch Stew down South, did the unbelievable and actually decided to step into stopping the voter purge. The DOJ feels that they have to step into protect another disaster and these so called purges need to be halted immediately as they are unconstitutional and disenfranchising a legitimate voting block in the United States of America. For a moment it seemed like the muscle of Government had actually successfully defended the rights of the oppressed, that is until the Night that Walker remained Governor.

The sky is the limit, with Walker triumphant he now realized that the Koch Brothers are Demi Gods. The Patron Saints who made sure he became Governor instead of spending years behind bars for Medicare fraud.; had come through one more time this time exonerating Koch Buddy Scott Walker. To Rick Scott Koch Brothers power gave him the nerve and the push to do the unthinkable. In a strongly worded letter he essentially told the DOJ to back the hell away immediately. So it seemss the Federales had been stymied in the face of a battle with the State Rights Crowd, the purge would concontinuee forward business as usual? Well that is until something really unforeseen happened. Dissent, plain and simple it was vicious it was furious and from unexpected sources the dissent was coming from within his very own ranks. Election Clerks statewide have told Rick Scott enough is enough Palm Beach County Election Supervisors and in Hillsbourough County for example have cited inaccuracies with the Voter Purge. Now Rick Scott finds himself under attack form those that would be carrying out the mission of the Koch Brothers.

Like in 2000 the Koch Brothers and their Puppet in Chief are trying to set up an election fraud spectacular in a state that carries much sway in presidential elections. Hopefully these crooks are wanting to pave the way for a Romney administration who will con continue to serve a potent figurehead for the true Government of the United States which is Koch Industries. CEO’s Scott’s attempts to remove opposition via purges may have been stymied fro the time being but this serves as a lesson that the elections this year are going to have a particular flavor of fraud much like in 2000 and 2004.


One thought on “Federales , Purges and Dissent: A Koch Industries Southern Tale

  1. If, Romney winn this election the Koch brother’s will run the white house and lead this once great nation into ruins this is what i believe. i live in washington dc. and i herd a virginian state that if obama wins again there maybe a civil war. Well let me say that this is not the 50′s and 60′s anymore and blacks and hispanics wont go for what they did in those days, we will fight and this once great nation will be destroyed. racism has always been here just hidden but since obama won the election in 20008 whites have decided that they must do whatever they have to, to keep him from winning again, winning at all cost is the only on their minds. The koch brothers will run the white house and this country.

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